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  1. Hi Everyone Got my PXE boot working now. I have experimented with several XP images. Once I added the network drivers into the Boot.wim I was able to capture the images and send them up to the server. When I PXE booted and tried to deploy that to a PC with an Intel 865 board I got the following error "There are no images available for installation" If I boot a HP 7800 or Intel 915 I see the full range of images I captured. I captured an image from the Intel 865 up to the server and sure enough it was then available to deploy. I thought WDS was not hardware specific. I am missing
  2. Hi Anyweb Forgot to say great site and help - by the way this has been one of my main resources - great walkthroughs! Think I have got MDT 2008 - got the Microsoft Deployment Workbench Version 4.1 I think there is something wrong with our WDS installation it's been updated from RIS. The PXE boot has been working on a HP laptop for a few day and as I added Boot Images they did appear as a menu Item at boot but it only worked on that laptop not on any other hardware all other PCs got \Boot\BCD errors. My understanding is that when you add a boot image in WDS the BCD should be updated but I
  3. Hi Thanks for the assistance. I've made a new BCD file and copied it to the RemoteInstall\boot folder on the server. I can now F12 I have put the image file winpe_x86.wim in the RemoteInstall\boot folder and I get the command prompt wpeinit so I can map to the server and imagex if I want. Rather than messing up the BCD file for now I have renamed RemoteInstall\Boot\LiteTouchPE_x86.wim to winpe_x86.wim temporarily and it is running the LiteTouch and installing the apps. Don't think it is the right way to go but it seems to work for learning. I will have to try and set up a menu of
  4. Hi Everyone Our company has moved from Novell Zenworks to Microsoft and we have to find a way of imaging PCs. I have setup WDS on server 2003 SP2. Using F12 PXE boot and eventually downloading a boot image - default set to pxeboot.com on the server. It seems to be downloading via TFTP but I just can't get it to work! Windows Boot Manager keeps throwing up a screen on the client PC At first it was: File: \Boot\BCD An Error occurred while attempting to read the Boot Configuration Data. I went though some Technet articles (lost of syntax errors and typos BTW) created a BCD file using
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