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  1. Apparently my last post did not go through... We are running XP Pro on client machines with SP2 so far and using Server 2003 with SP2... All WDS is configured as shown, but I did not do the original installation or configuration. I have been out researching other places and have found that the format needs to be changed to WIM??? I try to convert the images to WIM and while going through the wizard am prompted to define a location and filename. We only have x86 as far as I have been told. I tried to choose the images folder inside the x86 folder and am given the following message
  2. Hello, This whole WDS is new to me and I am finding so much on the net, but not really sure what is all relevant to me. Here is my situation and hopefully you can help, I just recently started as an intern (getting my MCSA). I have no "real world" experience with any of this yet and so this intenship was supposed to be great. My first day I lost the admin. I have been on my own ever since. I have to deploy some company images, but am at a total loss right now. I just upgraded from SP1 to SP2. We are running Windows Server 2003. All deployment was previously done through RIS.
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