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  1. Hi All, is it possible to create a bootable CD/DVD of custom XP image(currently in wim format) for deployment offline? this is for sites with slow connection or not connected to network? i know one can use imagex /apply commands, but is there any other way ? Thanks
  2. Hi, see link below that has some pointers http://deploymentforum.com/Community/Forum...ic/Default.aspx
  3. got it all working. first. when i sysprep the xp computer. the admin password must be blank. on the issue of joining the domain. within the task sequence, dont select the standard computers ou (if you want it to go into that domain). if you have another ou that you created then put in that one. see links below: http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPo...2&SiteID=17 http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPo...0&SiteID=17
  4. what log/s would i need to check to see why its failing to join the domain?
  5. Hi apologies for delay in replying. i have not been well & so have not done anything. i will try again & get back with screenshot/task sequence if it still does not work.
  6. image already created. created in the "usual" way by installing the OS, drivers & other customisations. once completed, it was sysprepped & imagex used to capture the image. i am trying to install the image using SCCM OSD. i imported the image into OSD images, created a DP & updated it. created a task sequence to install existing image & advertised it to a collection that has a test computer. the deployment works, but things like joining the computer to the domain & assigning an admin password dont. i am also having issues when the sysprep runs as its prompting for language files.???? Thanks
  7. Hi, could someone enlighten me on the correct process of deploying a custom xp image using sccm the question i have is that do i still need to complete the various part in the sysprep file (product key, networking etc), when the task sequence to install an existing image contains those fields already? what does the task sequence use? does it rely on the sysprep.inf file or the parameters in the TS? thanks.
  8. sorry about that. will post as another topic soon. the install went fine, but i got an error at the end. i think it might be to do with the capture part.
  9. i think i have cracked it. i did not set the network access account in the client agent setting initially. once i set that, the task sequence has started. so we have progress. Thanks for the pointers on what to look for as that has helped. a question. if i were to create a custom image with bespoke app that that cannot be installed silently & advertise that to a collection to build bare metal pc's. Would it be possible to chain the installation of applications to the task once the OS has been laid down?
  10. I have looked through the smstslog & its failing to connect to a package & that package is the x86 pe boot.wim. would it be a permissions issue?
  11. Hi, Vista is also not working. same errors in the logs. i re-imported the drivers from another server build which had mdt. i was able to build a computer from the mdt setup on that server without connectivity issues. i am at a loss. i will put this aside for now as its giving me a headache
  12. Hi, the package is the SCCM client. It its distributed to the DP as shown on the package status screen. i am going to try deploying Vista & see if it works. Thanks
  13. Hi, i have attached the two smstslogs i found, but i could not locate the _smstasksequence log. i had a quick glance of the logs & its failing to connect to the sccm server & references a package ( the sccm advance client). thanks for your help on this. Kass update:- from the F8 screen, i was able to ping the sccm server sccmlogs.zip
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