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  1. I have a version of SBClient, 5.3.8, that I need to deploy. It's packaged with InstallShield 3 and has custom prompts, so deploying it silently has proved to be a nightmare. I have two packages working, one a PowerShell script and one an AutoIT script that passes the right keyboard commands...but I really need to deploy this silently and would like to do so during OSD. Anyone have any suggestions that I've overlooked? Also, if anyone has any thoughts on visualizing it with App-V, that too would be fantastic. I'm new to the App-V world.
  2. Let me preface this with I'm terrible at writing SQL queries. I need a query that will allow me to pull all the systems that have Outlook installed (any version), but do not have any edition of the full Office installation installed. I would like to save this a report so I can just send a web link to the powers at be, and they can pull their own reports. Any assistance with this would be much appreciated.
  3. I have been tasked setting up a new OSD for a Windows XP to Windows 7 migration. However, a requirement of this is to capture the software installed on the system currently and install the same software on the new image. There seem to be a couple of ways going about doing this, but I'm not exactaly sure of how. Could OSD be scripted to pull a software inventory and then reinstall what's listed in invetory? Provided it's not in the image by default. Ideally I could do this with the Application Manager and User Affinfiy I think, but neither are currently configured. I thought a conversation would help me reach a logical conclusion on how to handle this, so let's dicuss.
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