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  1. Have you made sure that you are installing the correct client hotfix? Make sure you are using the right type ie x86 or x64 in the PATCH command of the Setup and Configure Windows step. This will require changing the TS. See my TS for example. This is installing the x86 patch to a x86 deployment.
  2. Hi Rocket Man, I have sorted the issue. The client upgrade that came with the one of the hotfix's was not being installed during the OSD. The was the smallest of errors in the PATCH=.................. command that i was using. Now this has been sorted the task sequence components have been upgraded and the error has disappeared. Thanks for you help.
  3. I will double check the state in the morning
  4. I will check that in the morning, but the issue is happening during the TS with the apps not being installed. It just quits with no errors presents the login screen and that's it. It doesn't even clean up the talk sequence files.
  5. I have checked that and they have been updated and are the same.
  6. Hi, yes this is still an major issue. Would appreciate any help the experts can give. I did a double post and can't delete the second one sorry.
  7. Hello all the experts out there. I have recently upgraded SCCM 2012 R2 and am now experiencing and issue with my task sequences not completing correctly. They all (Build, deploy, win7 and win8) get to the point where they install the client and then reboot straight into windows without installing updates or applications. Things I have checked: Boot image version is: 6.3.9600.16384 TS uses correct boot image TS is Newly created CM TS not MDT TS Network Account password I am using ADK 8.1 and MDT 2013 The smsts.log file has the strange error "Failed to get password, Failed to resume task sequence (0x80070057)" as seen in the attached. I am also sometimes getting this error as well "failed to register task sequence with the newly installed client" It also does not remove the _SMSTaskSequence folder created on C:\ Please help as this is driving me crazy Thanks in advance, Jason
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