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  1. Thanks a bunch.. I will give a try and get back with results asap.
  2. I'm new to SCCM and this is my 1st job assigned. I believe this can be done by checking the registry but unsure how to perform this via TS.I have been trying to do the if statement from TS but failed multiple times. Would appreciate any assistance on this.
  3. Hi All, Greetings from Malaysia. I need your assistance with task sequence. I'm trying to create a condition. Using UninstallString as the ValueName. I want to have the task sequence to check if the application is installed in a machine or not. If the applcation is installed, the task sequence will exit (will not do anything) and if the application is NOT installed, then it will proceed/instruct to download the application from one of the packages that has been created in SCCM. I'm using SCCM 2007 Thanks in advance, Naveen
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