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  1. Thank you very much for you response. With our windows 7 computers the Windows update GPO has been setup to do the following. Updates are downloaded to the computer. Updates are installed automatically when the user shuts down the computer. This is done by selecting >>Start button>> Shutdown option (not by using shutdown and install updates) I hope this makes sense.
  2. The majority of computers on our corporate network are windows 7 or server 2008. Windows updates are distributed via WSUS, this has been configured by Group Policy. The GPO is setup to do the following. Download updates, notifies user that updates are available to install, installs updates on shutdown. This works well with windows 7 computers. We have recently introduced a few windows 8 computers to the network which do not exhibit the same behavior. The windows 8 computers will download the updates but WILL NOT INSTALL UPDATES ON SHUTDOWN. Has anyone else come across this, any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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