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  1. Hello all, i have a question that i hope you would be able to answer ive done a lot of research and havent found an answer to it... here it goes... i have my WDS Server on a 2008 R2 64 bits.. i have my deployment share i have created my boot and install images i have captured my W7 test image ihave created my OOBEUnatted.xml and WDSClientUnattend.xml files... now, on both xml files i have set to have Users on a different drive... so far the installation goes ok from the network, but when it finishes, i dont see Users on the other partition i created during installation... Im not sure if its got something to do with the way the image was captured (only 1 hdd) or what im doing wrong... so, any help would be wonderful... im attaching my 2 xml files for reference... Thanks in advance... OOBEUnattend.xml WDSClientUnattend.xml
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