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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OqKY9DUzCM Hi guys, just bumping this thread. I've uploaded a video of the deployment process I am doing, could anyone let me know how to fix what's happening please? I've also attached a screenshot from the MDT monitoring tool, and that is what happens everytime I try to deploy Windows 10. Could this be my task sequence or answer file? If you need any information, just ask! Much appreciated.
  2. Morning all, Just a quick one I'd like to ask. Recently been setting up MDT 2013 Update 2 to push out Windows 10 Version 1511, build 10586. I've created my capture image, which sysprepp'd and captured fine, then I imported the captured WIM file into my MDT share, created a task sequence.. Updated deployment share, replaced boot image in WDS and restarted the WDS service. Then, PXE boot a machine, selected the Win10 Task Sequence, it installs the OS then reboots, logs in as Administrator as doesn't continue running any scripts and just sits on the desktop. Had a look in the MDT monitoring and it always gets stuck at step 56 out of 93, then after a while the status changes to "Unresponsive" Could anyone shed any light on this one for me?
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