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  1. Planning out our XP to 7 Migration. What is everyone's thoughts on redirecting My Documents and Favorites to a users home directory? During testing we are running into an issue when a user takes their laptop home and can't pull up documents and favorites.
  2. Just curious....Do most of you use 1 single image in MDT for all types of hardware or do you have an Image for Desktops and an Image for Laptops? Reason I ask, there are some settings and applications that we would want Laptops to get but not desktops.
  3. No worries! This will still be of help. Thanks
  4. I need to migrate XP to 7 on many computers. I do not have SCCM in place. For the PC Replacement scenarios can I use MDT and USMT to automate the migration of an XP computer to a Windows 7 computer?
  5. Anybody recently gone through an Zenworks to SCCM migration? Would love to hear how you handled "repackaging" of zenworks applications. Thanks
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