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  1. Hello! I have an application group to deploy 2 applications - MS Office 2019 MS Office 2019 Language Pack (non-English) Language Pack deployment has requirement that Get-WinSystemLocale is not en-US. I deployed the application group to a laptop that has ja-JP system locale. MS Office installed successfully, but it didn't even try to install the language pack (despite the condition being fulfilled). However, if I deploy the Language Pack application directly (not as part of an app group), it installs successfully. So, it seems like there is
  2. that's actually a good idea! will standalone media work for joining PC to AD? (the PC has full network access to AD etc, only the primary server will be offline)
  3. hello, is it possible to proceed with OS deployment while the primary server is offline? this is assuming the deployment is taking place within a boundary that is served by a secondary site. is there any way to make the deployment work while primary server is offline? thanks!
  4. Hello! When I download SCCM driver packages from Dell, the packages contain not just .inf files, but also .exe/.msi installers. In the past, I just extracted all the files from these packages into a folder, and imported the whole lot into SCCM. The takes up a huge space (SCCM driver source files + SCCM driver package files). I'm wondering if only the .inf files are actually needed, and I am supposed to actually delete the .exe/.msi installers in the source folder before importing into SCCM. Thanks!
  5. Hello! Can someone advise me how can I configure MDT Deployment Workbench Monitoring for SCCM MDT Task Sequences? I went through the guides online, and they ask to create a new Deployment Share in MDT - but I already have an existing SCCM MDT Task Sequence and content, so I won't be using the MDT's Deployment Share. Nonetheless, I created a Deployment Share in MDT, and also enabled Monitoring, however - There is no option to select 'what' is monitored (which logs folder/SCCM task sequence) Nothing appears even after completing some task sequences Can it even moni
  6. if I create a standalone task sequence media, the retrieving policy step takes mere seconds! I don't understand why if booting from PXE, it's so much slower. I'm almost tempted to create a standalone WDS to let my clients PXE boot the standalone media (and from there proceed with the task sequence).
  7. how do you troubleshoot a slow PXE OS deployment? My deployment is slow in 2 areas - Retrieving policy for computer at the beginning; it takes 5-10 minutes! I only have 1 task sequence! My boundary groups are configured, I believe, optimally I used subnets for associating clients to boundary groups The client is on a subnet that is associated with only 1 boundary group The configured boundary group has no fallback at all (just to eliminate possible issues with client falling back improperly, causing slow deploym
  8. Hi, If I apply drivers from a package during a OS deployment task sequence, will SCCM install all drivers within the package, even if the devices are not connected to the PC, or SCCM will only install drivers from the package, for the devices that are connected to the PC during the installation?
  9. Hi! I am deploying W10 1809 using SCCM + MDT UDI. However, my TS is a little different. I want to run UDi Wizard before any disks are formatted For that, Toolkit package must be used first This is only possible if there is a formatted disk, or if TS runs the files directly from the share (which I did not enable) Instead, what I did was Add the Toolkit files directly to the Boot Image (so that I can run it, without formatting the disk, and without running directly from a network share) Run ZTISCCM.wsf as the first task in the TS
  10. Hi! I have OS deployment working in SCCM via WDS-enabled DPs. So I decided to try the new WDS-less option, but it seems broken? I tried with 2 different DPs, and I get errors such as: Client Boot TS reply: <ClientIDReply><Identification Unknown="0" DuplicateSMBIOS="0" DuplicateMACAddress="0" ItemKey="2046820352" ServerName=""><Machine><ClientID/><NetbiosName/></Machine></Identification></ClientIDReply> SCCMPXE 10/1/2018 6:35:28 PM 7696 (0x1E10) PXE: 00:1A:4A:16:01:F3: No Task Sequence deployments. SCCMPXE 10/1/2018 6:35:28 PM 7696
  11. Hi Folks, Hope all is well! I'm trying to enable IPv6 PXE boot on my DP, but the checkbox simply isn't there. I'm on 1806, and I've already selected 'enable PXE responder without WDS'. My DP does not have an IPV6 address assigned at the moment (although IPv6 is certainly enabled at the NIC/OS) - does that need to be configured first? p.s. my clients will be PXE booting from a different subnet. Currently I use IP helpers to point the clients to the PXE server. The IP helpers are IPv4; I assume I will need to create IPv6 helpers as well? Thanks!
  12. I set the unattend.xml file specified in 'Apply Operating System Image' step with hard-coded Russian locale: <component name="Microsoft-Windows-International-Core" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <UILanguageFallback>en-US</UILanguageFallback> <InputLocale>ru-RU;0419:00000419;en-US;0409:00000409</InputLocale> <SystemLocale>ru-RU</Sy
  13. I have 2 identical task sequences to install Windows 10. One installs the Japanese language pack, the other installs the Russian language pack. The Japanese task sequence works perfectly - language pack is installed and Windows boots with all locale settings set as JA-JP. Logs show: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit version: 6.3.8443.1000 The task sequencer log is located at X:\WINDOWS\TEMP\SMSTSLog\SMSTS.LOG. For task sequence failures, please consult this log. ZTIPatches Entered state. Deployment Method = SCCM Operating system being deployed requires amd64 updates. ConfigMgr patching st
  14. Hi! I have the following set up ADR - run every (Wednesday - i.e. N)software available time - 1 day after rule is run (Thur - i.e. N+1) installation deadline - 1 week after software available time (Thur - i.e. N+8)Deadline behavior - allow software update installation outside maintenance window; do not suppress system restart Maintenance Window - every Sunday (i.e. N+4) As you can see, software updates are made available on Thur - but the deadline is only 1 week later. Within this 1 week (Thur to next Thur), there is a maintenance window on Sunday (during which deadline has not ye
  15. Hi, I updated SCCM to CB and now face this error (well it might have been there even before then just that I didn't notice since I hardly used reports). Whenever I try to run a report, I run into this error about incorrect credentials (although the credentials were definitely input correctly during setup/installation). *It is definitely seen as a 'wrong password' because AD logs it as failed logon attempt under the account I tried updating the Reporting Services Point Account (under the Reporting Services Point role) but it doesn't help. The only workaround that I found i
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