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  1. Yes, I already tried refreshing the packages, I even deleted and recreated them. I've now decided to create packages for these applications. Thanks to you all for your hints and tipps.
  2. Yes, it is an OSD sequence. Most of my applications work fine in the TS, with all kinds of detection methods. The consultants who helped me with the implementation told me, there are no poblems using applications in a TS, they have used it for many customers. I forgot, the application that fails is "Adobe PDF iFilter".
  3. Hello, please find attached the client logs. Logs.zip
  4. Hello, I have Problems with some applications in a task sequence with SCCM2012 R2. The applications install fine in a normal deployment via Software Center and get detected after the Installation. The same applications get installed in a TS but are not detected after the Installation (according to AppEnforce.log) and the TS fails. I already tried all kinds of application detection methods (file system, registry, MSI, custom script) but without success. When the TS fails I checked manually (pressing F8) where detection should have looked and the requirements are met. Thanks in advance for your hints and solutions.
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