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  1. Thanks If I use supersedence, do I have to deploy the new version to a collection, or it will be automatically applied to the same collection than the previous version ?
  2. Hi, we are just beginning to use SCCM 2012 R2 in our organization. Previously I deployed softwares with GPO (custom boot scripts). I have a question concerning upgrading existing software. A brief of history : our computers had a software X, in version 2, installed on some Workstation before using SCCM. A new version had to be installed, version 3. I have created a deployment in SCCM, pushed on all Workstation with version 2. No problem now all my workstations have version 3. Now, we have received a version 3.1. I have to deploy it on all Workstation with 3.0 installed, and in the future I want that all Workstation that need this software be installed directly in 3.1 (it's not a software update, it's a full version). We don't need to uninstall previous version. It will be replaced by the new one. What is the best practice for that ?
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