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  1. I used Wireshark to determine that OrigDP was responding to DHCP request of client. Only after I moved client and NewDP to their own network (and created a boundary group for the new network segment) did NewDP respond. Why did NewDP not respond when they were all three on the same network? I have no idea why it didn't respond when it was on the same network as origDP (even with OrigDP completely powered down). --I'd really like to understand. At present, I'll have to create a new network segment to get the newDP working.
  2. I have searched all though these formus, Technet, and any place Google will send me. Any assistance would be appreciated. I'm setting up a new distribution point ("newDP") with dedicated hardware to be used for OSD. The DP is setup, but clients continue to hit the IP of the original DP, despite PXE being disabled on the Orig, but enabled on the New DP. Error Windows Boot Manager (Server IP: "origDP") File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc0000098 Info: The Windows Boot Configuration Data file does not contain a valid OS Entry Note that the error indicates the IP of origDP, which is NOT enabled for PXE. The boot files are indeed present (on both DPs).... the problem is wrong IP/server. We do not need or use DHCP option 66 because client and server on same network segment. The SCCM server simply replies directly to broadcast request for PXE server. Troubleshooting Verified DHCP Option 66 isn't responding with the OrigDP address Ensured Restarted WDS service on orig and newDP. Also restarted servers. Ensured boot images (and pxeboot.com) files were present on newDP Erased hard drive of a client device in case somehow using a cached IP from the hard drive (note: it is all clients, though) Ensured PXE is enabled on general tab of newDP, boot images, and Task Sequence Additional detail If I shut down origDP entirely (instead of just disabling PXE), the error changes to TFTP timeout. The SMSPXE.log file on newDP is not updated. It's not updated on origDP either (when PXE/WDS is disabled) I cannot imagine why the IP in the error is for a server not even configured to respond to PXE requests. It's been vexing me for a week and my management is becoming impatient. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Could you explain what you did... the steps, please? We have the same issue and I'm not sure what you mean by "redid the boot." -Thanks!
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