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  1. Attached the log and the steps of partition - strangely this only seems to happen when imaging over USB smsts.log
  2. Hi all Usually image over PXE but have a need to image over USB but over USB am facing an issue 0x80070057 - the parameter is incorrect. I have looked as the SMSTS log and attached some screen shots from there and the task sequence - i have a feeling its when finding the drive to apply the OS but not certain - what is it im missing here? Thanks!
  3. Perfect - looks like its actually our AI which is not working - Assumed it would be the SW Inventory but that sounds like something completely different and not needed in our environment. Thanks for all your help!
  4. Thanks for this - i have noticed the speed of the SW inventory is incredibly slow and that all explains alot actually - and looking at the HW inventory it seems to report everything we would actually need so will look into actually disabling the SW inventory. What bought all this up is im trying to create a collection of machines with a particular bit of software installed using a Query using this method: http://www.firstdesk.co.uk/sccm/sccm-2012-create-device-collection-based-on-installed-program/ but get no results - in the query window when i select values i get a list of software but
  5. Hey all I needed to create a collection of machines with certain software installed, did this and it returned 0 - which i found odd, i looked at the values available in the query and it seemed way out dated so started to look into a possible issue with our software inventory not working. I followed this guide here: https://www.enhansoft.com/blog/updated-troubleshoot-configmgr-hardware-inventory-issues I got up to Phase 2 - so the first problem is when i open the MP_hinv.log file I can see plenty of hardware inventory's being returned but no software atall (I assume i sho
  6. Yeah sorry that step is enabled again. Just so im understanding correctly the machine will use the PXE boot image driver whilst formatting / applying the OS / injecting the drivers - then when it reboots it will start to use the drivers installed by the task sequence? Also is Applying a driver package in the same way as have done so for Windows 7 still the best way to do it in W10? Cheers!
  7. Did that and I seem to get abit further! So now I apply the OS and it works fine as it did before, it also *appears* to apply the device drivers and does not error as it did before with no issues. The machine then reboots and gets stuck on "Getting Ready" for a good 20/25 minutes, it then reboots into PXE again to apply network settings and install some applications but this is where i seem to get issues. When I hit f8 and go into CMD I can see the machine no longer has an IP which i found abit strange in its self and runs very slowly, when it finally completes i get into Windows and n
  8. Hi all Am starting to test Windows 10 deployments in our enviroment and have ran into a few issues. The task sequence is quite simple, we partition the disk and apply the OS, apply basic Windows settings (Username and time zone) and then move onto the Drivers we use a WMI Query to work out the model to apply the correct drivers, in this case am testing with a Dell E5440, i can tell this part is working as i can see the Task Sequence stars to download the correct driver pack, but when it attempts to install them i get the failure 0x80070032 We are running System Center 2012 R2 SP1,
  9. Great thanks Have build base image - Snapshot and ran the capture media, the machine starts the process, reboots and then get a blue screen "HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" Have never captured a VM - am i missing anything? Edit: looks like this is down to our ESX version. Any reason I can't use a hyper v for the same purpose?
  10. Thanks - Did think a VM was the way to go so will go ahead and go that way! One question with this - For this to work, within the task sequence do i add a separate "Apply Driver Package" for each model of laptop we have and add the WMI condition? Also have never setup a WMI Query, is this fairly straight forward?
  11. Hi all Currently within our SCCM we have various different images all doing pretty much the same task but vary depending on the model of the laptop. Historically we would receive a new model of laptop, install Windows 7 / Drivers / Updates / Base Software and capture it and create a task sequence which would then be used for that model, as a new model come in we would repeat the process. Whilst that works - as we grow we are getting more and more devices, images for the older machines are out dated and its becoming abit of nightmare to maintain- so id like to build just one base Wi
  12. Started to work - looks like didnt give it long enough! Cheers
  13. Hi all We have recently changed the account's password which SCCM used and we are having some issues booting into PXE. Ive gone into SCCM and updated the password to the new one under Administration > Security > Accounts and also ensured this is the account being used under Sites > Configure Site Components > Software Distribution > Network Access account. When booting into PXE now we get as far as Windows is starting up before it fails and reboots. Is there somewhere else im missing where i need to update this? Thanks Marc
  14. After looking at this a bit more i think its more to do with the Software Center its self not refreshing to show Available software. Software is being deployed to users fine as when they browse to the web link they see available software, but only when they select to install the software from the web link does it show on the Software Center program on their machines. Anyone had this before?
  15. Yep - Get to see all the reports, some of them just seem to have images in the folders others do show what looks like a report but that don't work either - defiantly something wrong but not to sure where to start! Did manage to get one software report to work on the web interface but had same issue as i do on console getting no results.
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