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  1. The task sequence is deployed to ALL SYSTEMS and ALL UNKNOWN. If I copied the sequence and advertised the copy to a collection would that help?
  2. I have a single distribution point in every boundary group. My boundary groups are a combo of subnet boundary + active directory site boundary. Correct, the task sequence doesn't start with the error a package is not present.
  3. SCCM 2012 I am creating driver packages and installing/targeting them in the task sequence using WMI queries for machine model. My issue is that the driver packages have to be successfully replicated to ALL distribution points before the task sequence will start. If the new package is not distributed to all distribution points the task sequence will not start until I disable the step. Is this by design? I would like to distribute the package to a single distribution point in my boundary so that I can test before replicating to all DPs. Any help? Thanks, Joel
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