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  1. Hi, Yes I have been using those articles along with various others. I think it must be down to the fact that the Ethernet drivers aren't in WDS. But once I have them imported, how do you tell each image to go to specific drivers? I would also like to be able to deploy all drivers to machines automatically which are assigned to that image? And when I import my captured image into WDS how do I boot to this? How do you get it from having the image in WDS to booting from a machine to it? Can I just create one task sequence for each Model e.g. Dell Latitude E7240 from start to beginning? So it install the correct custom image, installs any newer drivers which I have imported into WDS, new applications and then joins the domain at the end? I want to create a script to do the following 1) I want the script to create a username and password from a secure source? I want to be able to go and edit the user credentials relatively easily. 2) Requires me to enter user's Full name so the script reads through the database and caches all the licences for that user. 3) Requires me to enter the manufacture software e.g. Adobe and then the script narrows the cache of licence keys to e.g. 'Joe Bloggs, Adobe' 4) Displays a message box of the Users, Username & Licence key 5) After the licence key has been displayed I want the script to write back to db / xls and mark +1 each time it is displayed and the reason why. I have done this back in school but only as VB application but I think an script maybe be better... What do you think? With an application I could have a copy and paste button which would make it quicker coping the licence key to the product...
  2. Hello, I was wondering if any one can help me out here, been having these problems for a little while now... 1) When I try to capture images of pre built machines, I can't save them the images back to the WDS server. Every time I try to connect to the location I get this error 'The network location cannot be reached. For more information see Windows Help'. I have now tried to do this 7 times,with different machines every time but I get the same error every time... I can save the images to the HDD and copy them off and import them into WDS but this is time consuming.. 2) Once I have captured an image and have imported it into WDS how can I create the boot file so I can deploy it to other machines? I have the image01.wim file but can't see how to create an boot.wim file specific to that install images. I now have 5 or 6 images which I cant deploy because of this. Please any help would be grateful need to try and get this fixed!! Thank you
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