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  1. check this http://blogs.technet.com/b/configmgrdogs/archive/2012/05/08/configmgr-2012-automatic-deployment-rules.aspx?CommentPosted=true#commentmessage
  2. seems like no one can answer this question yet !!!
  3. yes and all other machines are domain computers . it is joined to a 2003 domain.
  4. no , check this image out , when browsing from a windows 2008 the scheduled task does not appear as in here . creating a gp with a task is not really relevent to my question.
  5. they are on windows xp domain computer .the windows 2008 is the domain controller , the windows 2003 is the other dc.these tasks are created automaticaly using the new group policy (Control Panel Settings) introduced in windows 2008. I use them to create tasks that would shutdown the computers at specific time everyday and i also create other tasks to execute a script to backup data to remote locations etc. I need to access these over the network to verify they exist , sometime i need to modify or create a specific task quickly. its just like how u add a printer on a client pc using th
  6. hi i confirmed that the firewall is off on both clients and servers , as i said im able to access them from any windows 2003 server. could it be not supported becuase windows 2008 and vista have something called task scheduler which is different ?
  7. Hi, I am unable to see the scheduled tasks on domain computer when accessing them over the network , only printers icon appears . This happens in windows serer 2008 and Vista only as i am able to view, edit them etc from windows server 2003 , any suggestions please? thanks.
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