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  1. The next step i wil ltry is to remove the client upgrade MSP's from the TS and let SCCM automatically upgrade the client via the scheduled task.
  2. Changing th MP to SMSMP hasbt helped at all. Clients are still reinstalling.
  3. ccmsetup-ccmeval.log contents... ==========[ ccmsetup started in process 1656 ]========== ccmsetup 10/06/2015 08:58:02 2144 (0x0860) Running on platform X64 ccmsetup 10/06/2015 08:58:02 2144 (0x0860) Updated security on object C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\cache\. ccmsetup 10/06/2015 08:58:02 2144 (0x0860) Launch from folder C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\cache\ ccmsetup 10/06/2015 08:58:02 2144 (0x0860) CcmSetup version: 5.0.7958.1401 ccmsetup 10/06/2015 08:58:02 2144 (0x0860) Running on 'Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise' (6.3.9600). Service Pack (0.0). SuiteMask = 272. Product Type = 18 ccmsetup 10/06/2015 08:5
  4. Thanks for the reply Peter, When i deploy the client in the TS i am patching that client with the following... configmgr2012ac-r2-kb2905002-x64.msp configmgr2012ac-r2-kb2938441-x64.msp configmgr2012ac-r2-kb2970177-x64.msp configmgr2012ac-r2-kb2994331-x64.msp Are you saying this shouldn't be done? Lee
  5. Im experiencing an issue with our OSD newly deployed SCCM clients and although it appears all ok, after a day the user will contact the Service Desk and complain that the Software Centre shortcut has disappeared. When investigating it appears the client is stuck in a loop reinstalling the client and then failing. Has anyone else expereinces this at all? The SCCM Site server is currently on SCCM 2012 R2 CU4. Any existing clients out there are ok, it appears just with the newly deployed clients. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Im just testing if i include the follow
  6. Hi Wondering is anyone can help. I have SCCM 2012 R2 running on Windows Server 2008 R2, and my WSUS server is running on Windows Server 2012 R2. My wsus has been integrated and was working fine. However in the last week i can now see this message appearing in my WCM log ... PublishApplication(8427071A-DA80-48C3-97DE-C9C528F73A2D) failed with error System.InvalidOperationException: Publishing operation failed because the console and remote server versions do not match. Agreed they don't match but this was working previously and the servers were syncing successfully. Has
  7. Really not one person can assist? Bugger!
  8. Hi We are currently running through a WIndows 7 deployment and we want all the new Windows 7 clients to use a new 2012 WSUS server. Currently all our existing clients are pointing to the old WSUS server, the new WSUS server has been setup and partnered with SCCM. SCCM sees this WSUS server and is happily pulling down updates from MS. As i move people to Windows 7 i want them to use the new WSUS server so as far as i can remember from the SCCM 2012 Course, there are 3 fundamental requirements for this to work. 1, SCCM Client set to enable software Updates. 2. Software Update-Ba
  9. Hi Im having a few issues with changing the name of an existing machine of SCCM during the OS deployment. Our current OS deployment is fully automated and setup quite intelligently. Any unknown devices are prompted via the OSDComputerName variable. Any existing machine known to SCCM we want to change the Computer name from the old to the new convention... Old: SHG-ASSET-LOCATION New: LOCATION-ASSET-HARDWARE At present we run the MDT gather step, this can then query the default gateway (DefaultGateway001) for its location and also utilise the IsLaptop/IsDesktop varia
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