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  1. Hi, How to do? So,how to export each ~5 min. live some data what I need from SCOM, that I can operate? excemple- I have php page, there I can do few important server list. If something will happpening (service crashing), when that row about server in red or other visual action. Maybe there is other option for this situation, not only view in SCOM diagram view?
  2. :DD when I asking like that question intant no more quote, answers. This question or is so simple that i can't to see, or it so difucult, that not everyone can deal with that...
  3. Hi, What is difference install behavior for system and for user? Where that diference I can see? the point of it?
  4. OK, looks good. but what you do with application office in computerA. Other user b start working with that computer A and he using office2013 without any restrict, no need permission for that user b this office2013 is forbiden. You don't know when user a migrating to another computer. Do you do some automatic uninstal proccess, how you deal in this situacion?
  5. Hi, Hi, I started use CCM and tried search in internet one conception. Interet helping about info whne need install application on device and user, but excemple user x worked with one device a, he instaled his application, after month he moved to another device b. Now with device working user y, and for him I dont want that use application where before user x installed. Not always I can track when user x moved. So how to deal with that, to make automatic process for this situation? ------ Like that? One deplyment for install by user for specific user collection, and after that need create second deplyment for uninstall by user for user collection who dont need that application (it's forbiden for them.)
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