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  1. I think I spoke to soon. I was able to use the MSI taken from another machine, however after installing/uninstalling and testing it via a script twice, the same error now comes up on that machine. Tried running the Java cleanup tool with no luck. Has anyone else been experiencing issues with this release? Thanks
  2. For some reason my computer is having a hard time extracting MSI files (they all seem to be corrupt, even with flash), ill have to investigate that later. I was able to use another machine and tested the MSI from it without any issues. Odd, because my adobe and java msi extraction worked on Monday with my laptop.
  3. Hello All, I recently downloaded Java 8 Update 25, ran the installer, and browsed to the LocalLow Java folder to copy the MSI and create an SCCM package for deployment. I was able to install this across multiple platforms (Win7 32& 64, Win 8.1) without any issues. Now a new release as of the 20th for Update 31 extracts to the same location (obviously a separate folder labeled for this version) but I am unable to install this MSI. I haven't even made it to SCCM yet, just trying to run this MSI as a local admin fails on all 3 platforms with the following message: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. On a side note, I have had this message come up on 9 machines out of a few hundred that failed this way for Update 25. I have been unable to locate what missing requirement or issue is preventing me from installing this on those machines..any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried deleting everything, and downloaded a new .exe from Java's website for Update 31 and I am still having the same issue. Maybe its still to new, but I'm sure by now this would be talked about if it was a global problem. Did I miss something here that's changed since the last update? Has anyone tested this and have a working MSI file that they can upload? I'm lost. Thanks, Kevin
  4. Using the /L*v command, no log is generated. I did however find the error in windows event viewer on some machines. Product: Adobe Reader XI MUI -- Setup has detected that you already have a more functional product installed. Setup will now terminate. It appears the script is removing Reader as intended, but on about half of the machines, it does not recognize that it has been removed before trying to continue on with program #2 - the base install. You know how sometimes it can take a few seconds for a program to actually disappear from the CP, I think thats what is happening. That or a reboot is required prior to running the rest of the package, but I dont think thats something that can be configured (or would want to happen during business hours) without using a Task Sequence. This seems to be an issue on machines that have Adobe 11.0.0 or higher, but the problem is they are not MUI versions, just the plain Adobe US-EN version. Otherwise, I would just apply the patch to these machines. Adobe is not smart enough to detect that it is a different version. I'm not sure what I can do here. I may have to just run the script and then trigger an install of a patched setup 11.0.10 so that I can bypass that detection issue. I would prefer to deploy a 120mb package to 3000 machines vs a 500mb package, but since this should be the only time I have to do it, I may just bite the bullet.
  5. Hello, Background: Adobe Reader was never managed. We have versions ranging from 8 through 11, standard english, French, through MUI. We are now in the process of getting 3000 machines on one standard version of everything...Flash, Java, etc (and so far so good except for reader) I have built an application using the admin install of Adobe Reader XI with applying the 11.0.10 patch and tested this without any issue. The problem with doing it this way is the package is 500mb, and even though the transform file was setup through the wizard to remove previous versions, it fails to properly remove a lot of versions and usually installs side by side. I have found a script in the past that has been working wonderfully with removing all versions of Reader. So I created a package instead (allowing us to deploy MSIs ~120mb) using this order: Program 1: Calls uninstall script Program 2: Installs adobe Reader XI MUI using transform file (Updates off, protected view off, supress reboot, etc) Program 3: Installs adobe Reader 11.0.10 patch. I deploy Program 3, since I configured it to require Program 2 to run, and then Program 2 requires Program 1 to run, both having to complete before the next one runs. So far, out of 30 test machines, in 2 groups of 5 and 1 group of 20 for a deployment, I have about a 50% success rate. the other machines fail with a 1603 error. I will find the package has fully downloaded in the ccmcache folder, and that the uninstall script runs and removes reader. But Reader fails to install or patch. There is no logs showing the 1603 error that I can find. (Appenforce.log does not even show any part of this package running, and is not updated since the day prior to another piece of software being installed) When I browse to the ccmcache folder, I can run the MSI file manually, and it installs without any issue, and same for the patch MSI. Not sure where to look or troubleshoot from here, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Something is not right with our orchestrator. I have had an open ticket with MS tier 3 support for a few days now. We tried to simply set up a monitor date/time, check schedule and run a task, but it looks like our Runbooks are not running. No matter which way they tried to configure a schedule, and either setup a single interval, or one to run every 15minutes and check the time, it is not running automatically and detecting the time of day. Not sure what would be causing this? (Even they said they had to get back to me)
  7. I log on and manage scorch with the domain admin account that we configured for it. So the credentials being used to run it are the same. Ah, I was missing SCOM consoles on both our Runbook servers, I only had it installed on the Designer server but did test its connection previously and also ensured the manage pack was configure and tested the connection. Will report back after further testing, Thank you!
  8. Just when I thought I was good! I was on vacation for the past 10 days, and this runbook did not run on either Sunday from 12am-4am as intended. I did some more testing today, and playing with the schedules trying to figure out what I am missing. I tried adding a Monitor Date/Time linked to a monitor sched. and then point it to the start maintenance mode. But no luck. The runbook runs fine only when I click on Run at the top. The whole automation part seems to be failing with no logs or events indicating that something is configured wrong. First setup - right click on runbook and set schedule to the one I configured with only the start maintenance mode icon in the runbook (works manually). Did not run for past 2 weekends. Second setup - created monitor time/date monitor set to every 15 minutes (modified schedule to be the following hour...twice now) pointed to a check schedule (that had the one I created selected) and then using the Conform to in the included Link (as per online guide below) between the check schedule and start maintenance mode icons. All with no luck and verifying the time was set correct to run today at 3 and 4 pm. (first link explains the process, before showing how to use task scheduler which in our case due to multiple servers we do not want to do...plus isnt that the point of scorch?) http://blogs.technet.com/b/orchestrator/archive/2012/05/18/using-windows-task-scheduler-to-invoke-scheduled-runbooks.aspx http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/d69e500d-3817-4446-a335-323972458c9f/how-to-schedule-a-runbook-with-orchestrator-to-run-at-specfic-time?forum=scogeneral What am I missing here?
  9. We figured it out! He was able to find this from the "..." monitor field Terminal Servers : UINameSpace21db5fa67540458595317914f8266a4f.Group There is no need for a query or anything, this directly linked the group and we tested it. Thanks for the help. EDIT: Also, on our SCORCH server, we did not have the Ops Mgr or Config Mgr consoles installed, which caused errors when then runbooks actually go to run. I guess they are needed when the management packs are added in.
  10. Thank you for getting back to me in a timely matter. Yes you are correct that is the goal.The script is a great idea! But I think it defeats the purpose of what I am being asked. I was asked by my manager to try and figure out Orchestrator since we have it installed and configured but not implemented for any scenario right now. I think it is more of a challenge to try and figure it out, and become the go-to guy for this tool. He created a group in SCOM for me with a few servers added to it, so I think I will try the second method since it explains in detail all the steps involved. I thought it would be easier using the SCCM approach with a collection, but without the syntax for the monitor field that works, its making it quite the challenge to get it to work. Thanks .
  11. Hello, I am very new to all system center services, so bare with me... I also googled this task, but the two guides I've found don't quite configure the task the way I need it to run. If there is a better method please feel free to share. I have a collection of terminal servers that get restarted weekly early Sunday morning, so I created the group in SCCM (for the purpose of testing I just have one in it right now). I need to put this collection into Maintenance mode. I have configured the following run book, but I'm struggling with trying to figure out the correct syntax for the monitor field in the start maintenance mode tool. Picture 1 is the runbook, and in the start maintenance mode properties monitor field I have this, {Pure Output from "Get FQDN"} : Microsoft.Windows.Computer I was trying to use the Get collection as well instead of the get FQDN but it was not working for me. Appreciate any help, Thanks
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