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  1. Took a week off recently and hadn't been able to test. Worked with deployment via PXE a little more this week. Found that after disabling UEFI, I'm unable to deploy the image. An error states that Windows cannot be installed on the disk type. This is likely because I turned UEFI off... My thoughts are that I may have to do this from Server 2012. Any idea whether 2012 supports the UEFI Network Boot over PXE?
  2. After disabling UEFI boot, I'm seeing more familiar WDS-related PXE stuff. Still troubleshooting, but seems to be working.
  3. Server is running 2008 R2.
  4. Hi, all: Looking for some help troubleshooting a PXE issue. Thus far, I have set up WDS, MDT 2013, and ADK 8.1 and can successfully capture/deploy a Windows 8.1 image by running the Lite Touch.vbs script from my deployment share. While deploying in this method isn't terrible, the goal is to ensure that it can be done via PXE. I had previously been able to successfully boot Windows 7 machines with WDS, MDT 2012 Update 1, and ADK 8.0, but recently had to upgrade to roll out 8.1 images. Now I can't get the new 8.1 machines to boot via PXE. System in the example is prestaged in ADDS. Options 60 and 67 are unchecked on WDS server as DHCP and DNS are on another server. I've enabled logging on WDS in an effort to figure out where the PXE is failing, but it doesn't tell me much. Events only indicate that wdsnbp.com was downloaded via TFTP successfully. The machines attempting to boot say the same thing. I receive the following when booting: >>Start PXE over IPv4. Station IP address is Server IP address is NBP filename is boot\x64\wdsnbp.com NBP filesize is 30832 Bytes. Downloading NBP file... Succeed to download NBP file. System automatically reboots and goes straight into Windows. It's almost as if there's no boot image being referenced in the NBP file, but I've checked my Boot Images in WDS to ensure that an 8.1 image exists. I replaced the 8.1 boot image just in case and the issue is the same. Any thoughts? Your help is appreciated!
  5. One of the only things that stands out for me is an issue that I had with Internet Explorer 10. Essentially there was a need to comment out the IE Welcome page, but I don't see info for that in your unattend.txt. Check out this page to see if it helps.
  6. What OS are you looking to deploy? I'm having some issues getting PXE to work with 8.1 Tablets (Panasonic Toughpads). I get the wdsnbp.com to download and then it restarts automatically. However, I do know that ADK 8.1 is not supported with MDT 2012 Update 1. In order for me to get things working (by manually running the Lite Touch script), I needed to download MDT 2013. Not sure that this will resolve your issue specifically, but I know that you might run into issues with it otherwise. Cheers, James
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