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  1. AppEnforce.log showing an error Unmatched exit code (2226323458) is considered failure
  2. I have installed SQL MS 2014 x86 using an application deployment My detection rule is File system C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Tools\Binn\ManagementStudio\Ssms.exe The application successfully installs but I get a Failed Installation in Status monitoring (0x84B30002 (-206843838) Unknown Error (-206843838) Action failed When I review the detection rule an check the path on the client it does not discover the path. gets to C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Tools\Books.... and that's it But When I copy the Management Studio Target path from the Start menu
  3. Cleared all Caches and set to 30GB..without clearing Cache its still only using 12GB ..application is 10GB watched the entire process just now..downloads 97% all files are in cache from DP and then just deletes all files and folder Does not happen on clean installs only currently imaged devices... Extract from CAS log <![LOG[Download completed for content Content_808b38d6-8dd9-48e4-8528-a351129a4274.1 under context System]LOG]!><time="15:24:59.702-60" date="07-26-2016" component="ContentAccess" context="" type="1" thread="5656" file="contentaccessservice.cpp:1937"&g
  4. Hi I have machines with SWX2015/ Autodesk products 2016 and want to install SWX2016/Autodesk 2017 applications I have successfully deployed the applications to new builds and tested with a device with SWX2015 and it successfully removed 2015 and installed 2016. Issue I am having now is deployment begins on clients and Downloads reach 99%, the cache folder are downloading folders/files. Installation Fails message appears and the Cache folders are then emptied.. This is the same for all applications we try and deploy From AppDiscovery log Performing detection of app de
  5. Installing application on lab PC's and the download is 10GB x 33 devices so take a long time Is it possible to zip the download, unzip on completion and regular set up from ther top speed up the process
  6. Recently installed SCCM 2012 while using SCCM 2007 for production. Pan was to keep using 2007 until 2012 fully tested and functioning properly. However clients are now puling packages form 2012 which we do not want So simply how can we revert back to SCCM2007 for clients to receive packages .updates etc...
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