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  1. Hi all, Thanks in advance for any help. I have deployed some software that is packaged as an application. It deploys, downloads, installs and works exactly how I expect it to. However, the software will only install during its maintenance window and not as of when you click "install" in software center, it just stays at downloading 0% and wont move on from this until it reaches its maintenance window. To rectify this, I am trying to tick a tickbox in the deployment settings for a collection called "Software Installation" located under the tab "user experience". However, when I try and do this, the tickbox is greyed out. If I change the deployment purpose to "Required" rather than "Available", I can then tick this tickbox. However, I do not want its purpose to be required, I want it to be available. But if I change the deployment purpose to available, the tickbox goes back to being greyed out. Is there something I'm not doing correctly that makes this tickbox greyed out when "Available" is selected rather than "Required"? Thanks again in advance
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