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  1. Migration to W2K12R2

  2. Dear Root Admin, Its looks like i had the correct Ip-adress, because ik get the login credentials of the deployment server en may select the map whit de image on\in it. but there it stops.... Peter
  3. windows deployment services image capture wizard next greyed out I have a Windows server 2012 WDS server with several images on it. Now I made a Capture.WIM with an Windows 8.1 disk, And the installation\preparation on the server seems to work fine. But…….. When I start a capture from the server, the process start normally until I need to contact the server. It is contacting the server, I need to give the credentials for the Administrator for that server, I can give the Map where to put the capture, but the “Next” button stays “grayed out”. I tried F10, to get a command prompt so I c
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