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  1. Having an issue with one of our DP's. It will pxe boot and get to the loading files screen, the progress bar hangs loading the boot.wim. Will sit there for hours and never get to the next step.. I have this same boot.wim on 3 other DP's and no issues with it. Any ideas? Things I have done: Removed the image removed pxe rebooted numerous times enabled pxe distribute the boot.wim back to the DP. Nothing works. 2012 R2 SP1 CU3
  2. I logged into the local pc as a local admin, not sure what I should be testing. The script does run manually, but when I create a CI for sccm it will not remediate when in the control panel I go to configuration manager and click evaluate button.
  3. I right click powershell program and select "run as Different user", I get the logon window and I put an account that has local admin on the PC and password. So now I just run the script inside there .\myscript.psi ie
  4. The account that I use to work in the sccm console has local admin rights on the PC.
  5. Whatever account that sccm runs them with when I create the CI. Let me check.
  6. yes I started PS as local admin and ran the discovery script, and then the remediate script. While having the service stopped it starts the service up without issue. I just can figure out why its not working in sccm CI baseline.
  7. Hello, I am trying to create a CI to check if a certain service is running, and if not start that service. I have 2 powershell scripts that work. One to discover and one to remediate. The scripts run fine when I run them manually. But will not work when I try to use them in a baseline. See scripts below. Discovery Script: $services = 'sccommservice' Get-Service sccommservice Remediate Script: $services = 'sccommservice' Get-Service | ? {$services -contains $_.Name -and $_.Status -eq 'Stopped'} | Start-Service Any help?
  8. Having an issue, I can get the sccm client to install on Windows 10 Enterprise but it does not seem to be talking. I can do a Policy refresh with no errors, yet when I add the PC to a collection to have it receive software\Apps the PC never shows up in that collection. Also when I right click start resource explorer no hardware or software is listed. Not sure what the issue could be. Any help?
  9. OK, this is driving me crazy. Had to build a new image for new HP PC. Downloaded the drivers. Packaged them up and directed the task sequence to load them when deploying the image. The image completes and 3 drivers did not load.I look in device mgr and they have the yellow exclamation . Now I have the same drivers on USB drive. I pop the USB in to the PC, select update driver in device mgr, point it to the USB and they load. Yet I can't seem to import them into sccm 2012. I get an error stating that some driver's could not be imported ... I am out of ideas. Any help or suggestions?
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