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  1. I'll have a look tomorrow for that I just don't get it,the same type of hta is running fine in the osd,what's the difference? What do you mean by using serviceUI,how does that work?
  2. Hi All I want have a TS (Task Sequence)(is running when the user is logged onto the system, not in OSD(OS Deployment)) with several steps, one if them being a .hta file that warns the user that a change in software is comming and they need to close down Outlook. My problem is that the TS gets stuck when it reaches the .hta file step, just hangs untill I shut it down by force (kill the process). My setup: "Run Command Line" Command Line: "Name of file" Tick in Package: "Package containing the file" In Otions the default Success codes are set til 0 3010 (have no idea on what this is used for?) / Claus
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