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  1. Let me explain, a Lenovo G580 laptop with windows 8.1, windows fine one day the next it starts booting, I get a blank screen & mouse cursor and cant do anything else... So i thought i'd go into the bios & get it into legacy mode so i can boot off Dart8.1, first issue, i cant get into the bios even if i switch off remove the power & battery... I removed the hard drive to see if i can get to the bios, still cant, i select it from the boot menu but it does nothing, but will boot from a CD, so put the drive back in again & tried again, windows started & was back to where i started, so removed the drive & started boot from a DART8.1 disc and gently pushed the drive in, Dart booted but could not access the hard drive.. So i cant repair windows, I cant get the boot menu up when the hard drive is attached, I cant boot off anything to reinstall windows, anybody got any ideas before this 16 month old laptop gets binned.. the next laptop i buy will have to be able to get to the UEFI bios or i wont be buying.. Cheers..
  2. I suspect its because you are using an AIO disc, an AIO disc has all versions available to install so will stop, where as a Windows Home Premium will only install that version so if you create a new txt file under sources & rename it to EI.cfg then edit and enter the info below into it, (taken from a Windows 7 Home Premium OEM) [EditionID] HomePremium [Channel] OEM [VL] 0 Then burn a bootable DVD disc it should then go through ok
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