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  1. ok, so i have researched this for quite a while and i cant figure it out i want to add a monitor that monitors a OID on our watchdog15 temp sensor. i have the OID and i can get ahold of the MIB file if that helps. there is no management pack for the device online. needless to say, i want to log, monitor, and graph (graphing i can do) the rest i'm still foreign on. where do i start? do i create snmp alerts? do i create a management pack specifically for this?
  2. this has been a long battle and i hope to have this resolved soon! i installed 1802, but have been having this particular issue since i think when i migrated over to sql 2016. when i migrated the SQL databases i restored everything from a full backup on sql, restored the backup DB to the new server, then used the CM setup to switch SQL servers. this was the correct action to take correct? bgb is not reporting properly. something with sql connection and certs attached bgb log, sccm clients are not being shown as online (with the green marks, just either ? or X ), but i can still manage remotely, however, i dont know if policies are being enforced or software being pushed cause i have not deployed anything since this has happened. so a few things happened while i was diagnosing this . did much googling and found that sql certs may not be on sccm and vise versa? see bgb server log sql account and systemcenter server itself has full rights to CM and the report server databases bgb setup has no errors i only use HTTP on the SCCM server, i do have a ca server if its suggested we switch over to https, but as the server sits its just HTTP (there is a guide here to switch right?) i screwed up a bit, tried to reinstall SCCM on the primary site server thinking it would help. it was a complete failure so i ended up restoring the OS from the last day backup, re extending the AD Schema, and making sure the MP shows up in the active directory container. back to where i was in the first place! one thing i noticed is the sql server was pinging with the san address, i since changed that to not register and made sure the server nic that handles iscsi traffic is not registered in DNS. my other issue, which is my bigger issue is since the 1802 update i have huge issues deploying pc's with WDS -- the server pushes the OS, it will join the AD Domain, but gets stuck on windows boot at some point. possibly while deploying software? i have yet to examine the logs on the computer. if its a pre made WIM everything is fine. (without build and capture using DISM) if you need me to attach other logs that will help let me know, i noticed some pots asked for some on client side on the MS technet site. BgbServer.lo_
  3. right now we're on 2012, and we have a new 2016 sql server spun up and databases are migrated over to the new sql server, attached, and i followed the guide https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configurationmgr/2013/04/02/how-to-move-the-configmgr-2012-site-database-to-a-new-sql-server/ trying to upgrade so we can go further than 1610, we went with a side sql server as we are upgrading other software, and they went with a entirely new sql server. the setup has been at a standstill. and here is where i'm at it halts there. any help would be awesome edit: well, after waiting about 40 minutes there is more setup generated, its shutting down site components and hopefully things go well. edit 2: yall can close this my impatient self was the fault!
  4. whats the best way at setting an application that has updates (such as adobe, java, flash, etc .... ) without having issues? i have an AVL app and every time i check the version is the same version that was the first i deployed. i have retired and removed the deploy sequence, but is that enough? should i use the "unisntall" deploy feature?
  5. well, it deployed, but did ask me things like timezone, etc (OOBE) and product code again. it did install one of the apps i requested, the ohters i'm not sure if i slipped them in correctly i'll look at that later, but deploying is my first thing i want to nail out.
  6. i think i found my issue. working on it now, but for the OS image i used the Install.wim in the install media i copied over. os installer is the whole folder. build and capture is working, past sysprep, confgmgr, going through installing devices and also did a domain join!
  7. still learning so bare with me!!! i'm trying to deploy my first Win7 install, but i crated the OS installer then try to create the task sequence to build and capture but i do not get to build and capture any image to work with. did i miss something? i went through all the steps. running 2012 R2 with 2012 server. i do have one captured image, but thats not for the one i want to use and i used the manual image capture for that one.
  8. i have it on that one for sure, and the services are started and running.
  9. i'm trying to get reporting services started on my server and i have a remote sql server. i verify the server and i get an error, is there a log i can check? does that server need reporting services? i'm pretty sure each do have reporting services installed and running.
  10. awesome, thanks! i'll take a look at that when i can. there are some current machines i wanted to capture because they're already done. more importantly certian specialized machines. i'm transitioning over from FOG so i'm learning
  11. i'm having an issue creating the task that lets me capture a pc i got everything up and running so far, i can manually ImageX a pc, but when i create the task to capture its wants me to specify a OS system Image (which i can not create) can i create a empty WIM file and go from there?
  12. you can close this if you want missing patches was all! just figured this out.
  13. i uninstalled the WDS role, then reinstalled it. the role was working at one point, then i set it to a PXE point on ConfMgr then the service stopped running correctly. i also have a seperate DHCP server, what should i be using on 66 and 67? (66 being the confgmgr server i know that)
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