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  1. Yeah this seemed to have been the problem. I will soon try out if i can push software alone towards clients. Didn't had the time free for looking it up further. I'm just glad it doesn't tries to rerun the advertisment of the OS Manymany thx, and i'll keep you updated if my software deployment works.
  2. OK, that makes sence. My boundarie is linked to the site of my DC. Which will be my domain. That might explain the failure to push out software through SCCM. I also checked the option on my OS-install advertisement, and it was set on rerun. I changed it to never rerun advertised program. Guess that should solve this problem from rehappening, if this was the cause.
  3. Update: It seems to keep relooping into SCCM Deployment without my interaction. I have already done this SCCM deployment several times for both Vista as XP without any further problems. Thisone seems to do very bad even though the hardware is exactly the same as the previous portables.
  4. I do not know if this is because of the advertisment i tried to push or not but here is the situation i had. I installed OS through SCCM. Then I wanted to try to deploy software which i just created. Software package was Adobe Reader 9. I made a program to run and put it in DP. I then weant to collection and right clicked the client to Distribute Software. Not really sure if its the correct way. But i waited 10 minutes and nothing happened and never saw any software being pushed to start installing. I started the machine actions on the client to make surte everything is ok. The client in Collection is set on YES. I gave up trying and decided to join the computer into the domain which i still had to do. This weant fine. Suddenly i see that there is something advertised to this computer. I hoped it would have been the software i wanted, but for some reason he pushed the OS again and restarted the whole SCCM procedure. Why is he doing this? For now i'm really doubting if SCCM is going to profitable with all the bugs and problems I have encountered already. Can someone explain why this behaviour might have happened? Or did i do something wrong for the software distribution?
  5. To revive this topic i would like to know one more thing i have seen. To get Configuration Manager working to deploy software only, do we need to have WINS server to get this going? I have seen a topic somewhere that refered me to the following website of Microsoft. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb632567.aspx I do have to tell that I did extend the Active Directory on our DC. We work with DC and DHCP on one machine + SCCM on another stand alone server. I just wish it was possible to deploy software also on the normal way if one user in the company or all need a new kind of installation on their desktops. I already tried turning of Windows Firewall, and found out when i want to run Autodiscover that it doesn't work. Can you please let me know if WINS is indeed needed for software deployment to work? Thx in advance.
  6. Hi all, I was just wondering one thing. Is it possible to lock collections so when there is no deployment needed that we can just disable the upper collections. This to make sure not one user makes a mistake with booting up the system and going to reformat his computer with a new image. Greetz
  7. Thx anyweb. Well that makes me have to do a full reinstall for win xp but then, with a license media cd for install and capture. It kinda sucks Microsoft or the dealer doesn't provide us with a sticker anymore with the XP-license on it. Because without it we are actually forced to use VLK's. We aren't planning to first deploy win xp, to obtain the key so we can then do our pxe boot to install everything. For now this works very well. All applications and drivers are nicely installed onto our client-desktops but with all the same OEM key. For now this doesn't give a problem cause portables are all the same. But this will change once there is a new model. For Vista i saw we can use KMS as it is build into vista and win server 2008. But then i saw the issue about having x-number of clients before it activates. Also for vista i saw that the OEM license on the back of the portable doesn't work if you wanna install win vista with that license key. Or when you do a sysprep.
  8. I found out my wim image was in install pending mode. I checked if i have enough space and there was the problem. I removed some stuff i didn't need to make free space. And all was ok. I did restart the whole process of adding the image, but i first thought i was still with the problem, but it took a while before the status finally weant to installed. I hope this can help others in the future if they have this same issue.
  9. NSLOOKUP on that server is ok, the thing is if i checked my log file, there is only the DP problem on that WIN0000E package. All other DP's are found. If I check my packages then it really is there and i checked if the DP was there and i updated it to. For some reason it doesn't even matter which image i import as a new package in Operating system. It will always say it doesn't find any DP there. This did work before.
  10. OK, to reopen my issue here. I have already done a succesfull deployment from a captured image i made with the task capture media. Now for some strange reasons everything seems to run fine except for one step where the package refers to my captured image. I already tried adding a different image and it fails on the same point. I deleted the DP's and readded and updated them without any luck. I have in attachment my SMSTS.log file. Can you please help me where it might get wrong? I also tried accessing the networkshare and i have all rights. smstslast.txt
  11. So in case we have one VLK-license we need to deploy those keys through KMS then? Its not possible to install the keys with SCCm then if I understand it good.
  12. Dear all, I have still a question concerning the license keys. I found out our license key on the sticker don't work. So I assume they are using a VLK. Now my question is how I could deploy multiple images, if i don't know the exact key? For our WIN XP portables we don't have keys neither cause we got both vista as win XP on installation CD/DVD. I have heard of KMS-server for managing the license keys, but how can i even deploy machines with vista or xp if i don't have the keys to deploy them. Any advice is welcome if you know where i might be getting it wrong. Its not my intention to buy new hardware install it default to obtain the key and then redploy it with SCCM. Greetings and thx in advance for the help offered.
  13. Sorry for my late reply, but i found the problem thanks to your input. It seemed to have been struggling on a package that i already deleted and remade. But it still had the same package number although i couldn't find it anywhere. After some major rechanges of all packages with distribution points it seemed to have worked.
  14. Never mind my prvious post. Restart of server seems to have solved thisone, but i'm still getting my previous error on a different package number Failed to connect to "\\SERVERNAME.DOMAIN.LOCAL\SMSPKGC$\WIN00006" (1909) Content location request for WIN00006:1 failed. (Code 0x80040103) Failed to resolve selected task sequence dependencies. Code(0x80040103) I recreate the package it gives error on but it goes to the nextone evry time. Already checked if Network Access Account is set and thats ok. The account in network Access is not locked in any way and i have given this user full control on all folders it needs to go. This is a SCCM SP1, on a windows server 2008. This used to work on Windows Server 2008 R2 without many problems.
  15. Hi all, I am getting following error in SMSTS.log when pxe-booting. I get to the windows PE background where windows is starting up. Then following message appaers: Failed to download pxe variable file. Code(0x00000001) PxeGetPxeData failed with 0x80004005 i checked with ipconfig if i'm getting an IP and that seems to be ok. Its in the DHCP range i've put it in, but it seems to fail. This error came after I reinstalled a boot image, because of the tasks equence errors on packages. Where it seems to have gone wrong. But now this error is new to me. Can anybody explain me how to fix this? Thx in advance
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