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  1. Never mind, I figured it out. Cheers
  2. The information about what processors are vpro capable at intel website is very confusing. Here's a list of processors support vPro technology http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-4797, basically there's nothing special about these chips it's just that Intel wants us to purchase more expensive high end chips to get vPro technology that's enable in their QXXX chipset motherboards. Here's a list of Intel motherboards support vPro http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/motherboard/executive.htm So vPro is really in the motherboard chipsets (North bridge), the QXXX series, and for Intel AMT is one of the technologies of vPro. For Core 2 platform, it's AMT 5.0, for Nehalem (i5, i7) it's AMT 6.0, and the biggest advantage of AMT 6.0 vs 5.0 is KVM (Intel proriertary VNC server), IDE redirect..... Hope it helps
  3. I certainly will, just got done configuring Linux DHCP server to work with Windows 2003 WDS/SCCM PSP, once I get my Linux DHCP server to work with Linux PXEboot and PSP as multiple PXE points, will post a complete instruction when time permits. Cheers
  4. It works flawlessly, you're the man!!! my next task would be to setup multiple pxe points for Linux deployments....
  5. Hi all I have set up my SCCM PXE to respond to "all unknown computers" collection and it seems to work very well, but it can only do 1 advertisement. I'm wondering if there's a way I can setup advertisements for both X64 and X86 boot images to install Windows 7 X86 and X64 accordingly? Thanks
  6. Okay, I figured out what went wrong, the reference i used existed in the collection, once it's removed, import just fine. Thanks all
  7. Does this has anything to do with NIC driver not being added to the boot images?
  8. Yes I did, several times, and i went as far as reboot the server, but nothing is shown , I think this is the reason why I'm getting smsboot\x64\abortpex.com and "No advertisement found in db" in the smspxe.log
  9. I followed the guide here http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/512-how-can-i-deploy-windows-vista-sp1-using-sccm-2007-sp1/, but for some reason I'm not able to import computer information at all I created a collection, then import computer information using MAC addr and GUID, and add it to the test collection but the reference computer doesn't show up at all in the test collection. Anyone has any idea? Thanks
  10. Hi all I have just deployed a few Windows 7 X64 machines, everything seems to work fine but the SCCM clients intalled is 32 bit client, how to get SCCM 2007 to install X64 client accordingly to the Windows 7 X64 machines? Thanks Andy
  11. I'm planning to do an in-place upgrade, is there anything I should be aware of? Thanks Andy
  12. Hi all I'm about to upgrade windows 2007 server that has SCCM 2007 running on it (with MS SQL 2005 ENT in the same box), is there anything I need to know before I upgrade? and will eveything work? Thanks Andy
  13. Hi all Is it even possible to setup SCCM 2007 PXE role to work with a Linux DHCP server? I can configure our Linux DHCP to work with Windows 2003 WDS but since SCCM 2007 would take over, I'm not sure where I go to get this setup. Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks I got it. I resealed windows 7 installation afterward with sysprep /audit, and system would reboot, then choose the oob and check generalize, then capture the image again. I was able to deploy the image (manually) from the network, hardware independently. Cheers Andrew
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