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  1. Hi, We want to use SCCM 2007. Thanks, Patrick
  2. Hi Gurus, We will soon start the image creation of Win7 for a massive deployment scheduled this winter. I'm trying to make the same things that we did with our XP Sysprep : to have the possibility, during the mini-setup, to enter the PC network name and specify which domain to join. Unfortunately I did not find any ressource about this topic yet... Thanks and regards, Patrick
  3. Hi, I've let the servers and the client PC on during the Easter break...and today the client PC appears in SCCM ! I still have the AD container issue....but I will go on with my testing. Thanks for your help. Patrick
  4. Yes, I : - have extended the schema - can ping sccm.logitech.com - can login with a domain user - have rebooted the servers :-D This is very strange.....maybe I have to install everything in 1 server for testing.. Thanks, Patrick
  5. Hi, I've added the SMSadmin and SMSread as per the instructions. I've installed all roles on the SCCM server with the local admin users. Is this what you asked ? :-D Thanks, Patrick
  6. Hi All, First of all, thanks for this impressive guide ! I followed it and have been able to reach this section 3 almost without any issue :-) I have one server for ADDS, and one other for SQL, WSUS, IIS and SCCM. My problem comes when I try to configure the discovery method by adding the local domain in the New Active Directory Container. I get the following error msg when I press the OK button : ConfigMgr cannot connect to the Active Directory container you specified. Container: LDAP://DC=sccm,DC=logitech,DC=com The container either does not exist or could not be contacted. I strongly suspect there is a access right problem in AD, but I do not know where... Any idea ? Thanks and best regards, Patrick
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