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  1. Our environment has two SCCM servers. A primary site and a secondary site. I'm looking to upgrade from 2012 SP1 to R2 and want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything. I have already run the setup.exe /testdbupgrade and it has finished wihtout any errors. I have backed up the collections and the site database/configuration. Here is the list of items I still need to do: 1. Install CU2 for SQL Server 2012 Express 2. Reboot Primary and Secondary SCCM servers 3. Install new WDK 4. Upgrade Primary server 5. Wait a couple of hours 6. Set new clients to upgrade by the end of the month Am I missing anything?
  2. Thanks for the confirmation. I created a script and SCCM package to check for the existance of the registry key under the logged in user. It writes a different text file based upon the results and I have SCCM set to look for those files.
  3. I'm trying to pin down a registry value in HKCU. Would it be better to work with a MOF file or write a script? It seems like anything not in HKCU is easy to do via a MOF file.
  4. We are going to move our SQL server and change its IP and name. Any recommendations on what to do to prepare the SCCM 2012 server for the move? Can I get by using a CNAME for the SQL server?
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