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  1. In my Production environment This appears to be working, I am guess a user has to be logged in for Encryption to start? Also Everything is working except for the Recovery Audit Report... Thoughts?
  2. (Different Issue not trying to muddy the water) - This Issue resolved right after I posted this is how I fixed this issue. Not Sure which one resolved my issue but I did these 2 things * Added Trusted Host to Windows Remote Management * Add SPN for the Server with Port * setspn -s HTTP/server:5985 server * setspn -s HTTP/server.fqdn:5985 server Earlier post Trying to install MBAM on ConfigMgr 2203 with SQL Co-located. Using this install parameters: .\MBAMWebSiteInstaller.ps1 -SqlServerName SERVER.FQDN -SqlDatabaseName CM_DBB -ReportWebServiceUrl http://SERVER.FQDN/Reportserver -HelpdeskUsersGroupName "DOMAIN\G_Bitlocker_Helpdesk_Users" -HelpdeskAdminsGroupName "DOMAIN\G_Bitlocker_Admin_Users" -MbamReportUsersGroupName "DOMAIN\G_Bitlocker_Reporting_Users" -SiteInstall Both And I get this error... Thoughts?
  3. I understand and appreciate everything you are doing to assist. Thanks!
  4. FYI I just double clicked this C:\Program Files\Microsoft\MDOP MBAM\MBAMClientUI.exe and the UI did not come up but Encryption started immediately. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks, let me know if you need anything from me and or if we want to sync up and look at my lab together.
  6. Yes e-http and yes everything else is working fine haven't made any applications in the lab but patches deploy. Also finally my I am getting a bit of logging on the web server.
  7. Turned off the Windows 7 settings as requested, built a brand new Windows 10 21H2 virtual workstation and I connect to the machines from Hyper-V Conolse as below.
  8. I have the same settings that you have here and I was actually getting that prompt before removing the ISO. 😞 Almost feels like you needed to have Bitlocker MBAM in place pre-2103 to get this functioning.
  9. Removed Mounted ISO and doesn't seem to have changed status, on reboot I do get this prompt.
  10. Okay that makes since, but if that is the case there is no logging in event viewer or anywhere that I can find now. Also my client will not encrypt and this all I see on workstations.
  11. On a test machine I did just run the MbamServerSetup.exe which does in fact create the files that ConfigMgr is referencing, but I would assume these files are out dated as they are from MBAM 2.5 SP1. Thoughts?
  12. Any ideas on how I could get those files (Powershell Module)? Should I download MDOP and get the files there? Or is this maybe a bug?
  13. Yea I can do tomorrow until about 4pm my time which would be 10PM your time. At the end of the day is there something you can think of why those files would not be there?
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