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  1. I'll have to find one out there that I can use (I don't have a lot of experience writing scripts). I assume that if I want to be able to specify which group the computer goes into, I'll have to prompt for a TS variable? If that's the case, how do I pass that variable into a script?
  2. Thanks for the reply but what I'm looking for is the ability to add a computer to an Active Directory security group, not an Organizational Unit. All of my software is deployed based on group membership instead of OU placement. I would do it OU based, but group membership is more flexible in most situations.
  3. Hello everyone! I deploy applications to device collections that are populated by AD group membership. This is working great, but it causes some trouble when imaging an unknown computer. When going through OSD, I would like to have an option to specify which AD group the computer should belong to (it already prompts for a computer name and adds it to a specific OU that I specified). After the group is specified and the computer gets named and added to the domain, I can then have the task sequence deploy software based on which AD group it is a member of, just like I do after the computer is known to SCCM. Is this possible? Or is there a better way to handle application installs to unknown computers during OSD? I want the application install to happen during OSD so that I can specify the order of installation and so that I can be sure the computer is "ready to go" as soon as the Windows logon screen appears. Any help is appreciated!
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