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  1. The 3 Wim images are part of the recovery. VistaAudit.wim --> contains the temporary C drive to finalize OOBE to active the recovery files WindowsRE.wim --> Contains the recovery boot recovery.wim --> CONTAINS THE recovery image (in as a .txt) that needs to be renamed at the end as can been seen at the end of the batch file Since both are microsoft solutions i was hoping to connect them together so its an automated job when installing new pc's or creating an image of the total HDD (not just C or D) like for example ghost Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello all, I created a windows Vista Hard Disk Recovery solution. LINK I got that to work but now i would like to use WDS to deploy the final recovery. But here is where i go wrong. The deployment is of 3 .wim images and i do not see an option to do it. The script to deploy the image using a VISTA OPK CD is as follows : @echo off set DISKPART_SCRIPT=x:\DiskPart_script.txt echo sel disk 0 > %DISKPART_SCRIPT% echo clean >> %DISKPART_SCRIPT% echo create partition primary size=5120 >> %DISKPART_SCRIPT% echo format fs=ntfs label="RECOVERY" quick >> %DISKPART
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