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  1. Hey Everyone So the Software 02E - Installed software on a specific computer is the perfect report for my needs. However I can only see this as an individual report so if I need to lookup 60 it is bloody annoying. Question is; Can I query a collection and individually get installed software report per asset and automatically save as a CSV file? (as to be CSV as the powershell script I use is setup that way and prefer not to mod it). Unfortunately I don't have access to the SCCM DB either, however, if that is the only way to do something like this I can probably get the adminstrator to setup something for me. Or is there another report I can run on a collect that gives me the exact details as the Software 02E report? Thanks for your time. Chongy
  2. Hey Just want to streamline this code a little, it does what I need it to do but think it can be smoother. So I query all installed apps on a x64 Win 7 box, creates an array, I check if the array contains the program I'm looking for and if true do nothing else install program. Is using IF the best way, cleanest way? I'm integrating it into the app deployment toolkit as there are a number of applications I have to install that required multiple components and want to make sure it checks if needed or not (during some testing it failed when the application was already installed). Code just looks messy. (Write-host is only there for testing to make sure it does what I need it to do) set-location HKLM:\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall $appLists = Get-ChildItem | foreach-object { $_.GetValue("DisplayName")} | sort -unique $checkInstalled = $appLists -contains "orca" if($checkInstalled -eq $true){ write-host "its installed" } else{ write-host "install program" } Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone. Chongy.
  3. G'day Everyone Is it best to create install and uninstall collections for each each application? Thanks Brendon
  4. Hey Everyone Good now. Took me a little while but finely put something together in powershell that does exactly what I needed. Really good learning curve. Thanks to everyone taking the time to view and think about it though. Thanks Chongy
  5. Hey Everyone Hope someone can help with this one. New to powershell but getting by pretty good until now. I need to take the content of about 3000 text files and the content of each text file written to a row in excel. Hope someone might be able to help with this as it is doing my head in.......I'm googled out........ Any help or advise would be much appreciated. Even if someone has done this is VBS would be good. Thanks Brendon.
  6. Hey Mate Thanks for letting me know. As of this moment we are not allowed to use security groups. Unfortunately it is out of our control and just have to work with what we have. Work-arounds are a normal day to day requirement..... ;-) But always good to know what others are doing though. Thanks for your time Brendon.
  7. Hey Thanks for the info. I am unable to install client on the older OS, corporate want that separation. I will however check out Snow Software, have you used it? How do you rate it as a user? Thanks again. Chongy
  8. Hey Everyone So, we are not currently able to use Asset Intelligence with our upcoming rollout. I have a script running at logon that collects installed programs, anyone know something powershell'ish that I can compare 3500 text files (line by line) that will output a file telling me how many duplicates it finds of each application? Or has anyone used something free or paid that was a good product for application discovery? In the identification process right now and have to work with what we have so any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks Chongy.
  9. Hey Everyone So, I'm part of a District/Regional team that will be using a Corporate deployed SCCM 2012. Current available Uses; 1. OSD 2. Application Deployment 3. Client Remote Tools If I approach corporate what would other uses be; I'm thinking AD Group Discovery (Currently disabled). Does this make it easier to deploy applications or would I be best to stick with WMI queries? Another thing, although we have AD System discovery enabled only the basic attributes are included no custom or extended. I imagine without any of this stuff enabled or not going to be WMI might be the only way. Anyone have good ideas on how to leverage WMI filtering with limited AD attributes of using IP ranges etc? Asset Intelligence - What can I expect to get out of this? Any other thoughts from the community? Thanks for your time Chongy.
  10. Hey Thanks for the update. Appreciate your help and understand we often get shoved left and right........a lot....... Thanks Brendon
  11. Hey Mate Thanks heaps. I haven't been able to find anything either. Really appreciate you keeping any eye out, 4 is better than 2. I don't have the luxury of querying SQL unfortunately, us non-corporate folk must not be trusted much......;-) Hope we can find something. Thanks Brendon.
  12. Hey Again So when you go to properties of either an asset or user there is a deployment tab that lists deployments to this resource, is there a cmdlet or VBscript way to get that information into a text file? Thanks Brendon
  13. Hey Again So when you go to properties of either an asset or user there is a deployment tab that lists deployments to this resource, is there a cmdlet or way to get that information into a text file? Thanks Brendon
  14. Thank mate for the reply. I would expect that as well but for some reason there choice is to delete from AD so assume that when it connects it has new GUID. I'm just trying to work something out with what I have to work with, the long way around. Appreciate your time though. Brendon
  15. Thanks Peter. Will have a look and see where it takes me. Appreciate your time. Thanks Brendon
  16. G'day Everyone New to community, not sure why as I have always used this site to help with SCCM issues. Thought it was time to join and ask a question/s that might be easily answered. We have SCCM 2012, did not design it and have limited access to do anything. What I would like to do before a reimage occurs. Get a list of all deployments to a resource (thought something like this Get-CMCollectionOfDevice1.ps1) and write it to a file on a file server? Is there something better? Then I would like to be able to add them back to the computer once it is reimaged. I hope there is some cmdlet but I would really like to have some entry in the OSD task sequence that can run and add this information (dynamically) but happy to run it after the fact as well. I imagine for testing of this I would need to run it post but be nice to know if anyone has used some dynamic task sequence scenario? Ultimately I would like to be able to write the collections/deployments to a text file and then add them to a computer. As said earlier, I have limited control but can get offline media to test running some pre and post stuff to see if is suitable. Hope it makes sense, am I over thinking this or does anyone have other suggestions? Appreciated everyone's time. Chongy
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