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  1. Hi, I find a solution and it's work for me : http://blogs.technet.com/b/omers/archive/2013/08/20/service-manager-self-service-portal-installation-issues.aspx Bye, Original.
  2. Hi all, I am about to install the SCSM Portal, and after 5 hours of installation (I have very few resources), the installation finished this (I'm very happy because after that there remains only configure DW and i'm done). Unfortunately, once reaching the "Finalize" I get an error as follows: An error occurred while executing a custom action:RollbackCleanup This upgrade attempt has failed before permanent modifications were made. Upgrade has successfully rolled back to the original state of the system. Once the correction are made, you can retry upgrade for this role. EDIT : In this link, the log file : http://1drv.ms/1LsI1rN I did not try the installation again because I have access only server tonight. However I did not find anything concrete ... Do you have an idea for it be paid? If you need Logs "Event Viewer" in the Applications section or Operation Manager, tell me. Thank you in advance,
  3. Hi AdinE, Thank you for your response. I can now access the console. I have not yet perform any manipulation, but after 10 hours at rest, I could use it. I think the resource boundary of this (3 GB, 1 core). In any case, the problem is solved, soon a new topic for a more annoying worries. Thank you again, Original.
  4. Hi all, I just finished installing Service Manager after a long unpleasant waiting, and thought I could start working on it. However, when I try to start the console, I get the following error appears: The famous service "system center data access service" is a good start and I try to disable firewall of the machine where SQL Server is located (it is on a SCCM server). Here are the different logs ... : https://www.dropbox.com/s/vksd4aepyr58ljm/Logs%20SCSM.rar?dl=0 Someone an idea? Thank you in advance, Original
  5. Hi, SM actually need two servers, I just found out ... At least one portal with SM + SM + and the other data warehouse .. My goals are described here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bc6h0n9ZuYMo4ovFtuBHuGXP6YORAn14wcMgnTF58Cg/edit My goal is to test these two programs and make a study. With the end a theoretical report on the operation (mainly SCCM) SCCM and SCSM and a small tutorial on how to perform certain tasks on the system list. I do not know if it is absolutely necessary to operate SCCM and SCSM, but I guess if no? Are they not do for "work" together? I hope you will understand a little more now my goal with these explanations and the specifications on the link ... Sorry to be so vague, but I start this project without any knowledge in! Tell yourself that this project is more "school" than anything else. Thank you for your interest, See you soon, Original.
  6. Hi, Actually : VM1 = AD, DNS, DHCP VM2 = SCCM I cant add SCSM and SQL Server at VM2 ? I cant do this ? : VM1 = AD, DNS, DHCP VM2 = SCCM (ADK, WSUS, etc. ) + SQL Server Thanks for help.
  7. Hi everyone, First of all, sorry for my English. I have now set up a system in a test environment (Virtualization) for a small company (school). I'll post below the specifications for this project (so you have an idea of ​​the work I have to do). Firstly I have questions, and also information you give. I currently have a 6 GB RAM laptop and I must implement this project on one virtual (can not be used for something else), then you understand quickly that I could be quite limited level machinery ... I currently have set up a Windows Server 2012 with AD server, DNS and DHCP. Besides, I have another server where I intended to install SCCM and SCSM and SQL Server and WSUS (prerequisites). First, do you think it is possible to implement all on the same virtual machine? Since I also could create some test users to test my system I may be soon (or already) at the VMs, and I think suddenly, my computer can not support a server more .. Do you have information for this? Apart from that, let me give you my specifications for you to have a ied the work I have éffectuer it will certainnement more telling than me now : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bc6h0n9ZuYMo4ovFtuBHuGXP6YORAn14wcMgnTF58Cg/edit?usp=sharing Thank you in advance for your help! Florian.
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