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  1. Yes I did gone through with the post before, However it did no suffice my specification. unfortunately, due to lack in Scripting skills I could not move further.
  2. Hi..Need Help... got a requirement where a HTA Wizard needs to be prompted while OSD via SCCM. Selection 1 : Select Dept ( ex : HR/Accounts/Marketing) Selection 2: IF HR selected, an another dropdown to be displayed with Agency names assosiated ( ex : AM/PM/TA/AM) *In the same way every Dept has multiple Agencies. Depending on the above selection, the computer name needs to be set for ex : <HR><AM><SerialNumber> Let me know if there are any such sample scripts as such or any pointers or someone would have already worked on such scripts before
  3. Hi, Its been quite a some time if there was any post or any perfect solution I found for MDT 2013 U2 Windows 10 upgrade from windows 7. Here is the background and what has been tried so far, but there was no luck. Any help will be appreciated. We are setting up windows 10 Migration infra for one of our clients. It went through without any issues on a regular network, however, we were asked to test the same on the secured network as well. Unfortunately, it did not work the secured network so called 802.1x, this is the first time we have come across this scenario.
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