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  1. Hi, I deploy a task sequence with ccm client, I perform everything in the above, but was still missing site code, even after adding site code, dnssuffix ... to ccmsetup command. ccmsetup.exe smssitecode=XXX smsslp=servername.domain.ca /logon dnssuffix=domain.ca /source:c:\windows\ccmsetup My LocationService Log file always indicated no dnssuffix. I finally had to import into the registry \HKEY\Software\Microsoft\CCM\LocationServices, DNSSUFFIX"="domain.ca", then everything worked. Now I have the Name (XXXR9GZ5PP), Domain(WORKGROUP) into 'All Systems' , I can not deploy another task sequence to XXXR9GZ5PP, unless I delete unit from collection (I get a PXE-MOF error) ... What am I doing wrong ... Thanks in advance ... JL
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