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  1. Just make sure you distribute the package to all DPs before adding or the TS will fail where pending distribution.
  2. The SCOM setup is completely virtual, Operations DB is on one server, DataWarehouse is on another, Report server/web console another. It looks to be monitoring about 600 clients. The weird thing is that on the server with the high IO it is just doing 700MB/s or reads on SQL Server with very minimal network traffic, so it does not appear to be reading data for another machine. I will look into over design of the environment at some point hopefully, but for now im just trying to put out this fire so it can continue to run. Its equipped with 22GB of RAM, which it is close to maxing out, but it does very little reads/writes to the pagefile. Thanks for your help so far anything else you would suggest?
  3. So I am brand new to SCOM, basically a guy left who managed it and now on of the vms (Operation DB) is eating up 700MB+/s of disk IO constantly. Any suggestion on where I might look at what is causing this? It has a local SQL server installation and sqlservr is the process eating up all of the IO. Talking with a database team member they tell me OperationsManagerDW.dbo.StandardDatasetMaintenance is what is eating up the db. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I get the same issue is there another thread tracking this issue?
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