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  1. Hello windows noobs :-) is there a possibility that I can auto-run a OSD Task Sequence to a specific device which is detected by mac address? I know this is no problem with MDT but my goal is to boot a VM from the sccm iso file and then that the OSD Task Sequence is started automatically without any user interaction. This could not be so hard or? I can't really finde a guide with google. Greetings abunael
  2. Hi SCCMentor, indeed I've tried your proposal with Office and it works. But my actually problem ist that I need a reboot step in my Task Sequence. After installing the RDSH, Desktop Experience and Remote Assistance Feature I need to reboot so that the Features are completely installed. After the reboot I want to install a Application, but this does not work until now. I've tried both options for the reboot with the following results: The boot image assigned to the Task Sequence = will end in an error 32 that means in the log that the application needs to be installed in OS The curren
  3. Hello, I'am a newbe in this forum and I hope that my post is placed here right. I'am trying to install Applcations such as MS Office during a OSD Task Sequence in SCCM 2012 R2 SP1. I thought that it would be easy like in MDT 2013 where I have until now my OSD Task Sequences which are working fine. In SCCM I have the feeling that it will be a more effort for the same goal. Is it possible to install Appliactions or Packages during a SCCM OSD TS? Gr AbuNael
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