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  1. That article solved the issue!! Thanks so much for finding it! I was able to pull an IP on the desktop. Came back to the server to inject the driver and of course there was another error. Found a hot fix on Microsofts site, applied it, rebooted, injected the driver, updated the distrobution point and bingo! Thanks
  2. I would like to get it working without purchasing the adapter, although it does look nice. I have roughly 80 units to image. I have further learned that the current driver is e1d62x64.sys. I have found the driver in the package went into the f8 command prompt and typed drvload e1d62x64.inf. It says the driver succesfully loaded but the nic still does not work when I do an ipconfig. With this information are there any other thoughts? Thanks
  3. The driver on the computer is an Intel I217-LM, I havethe same driver in my boot image, I am assuming that is correct? When I go do an ipconfig I get Windows IP Configuration, nothing else. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply. The time is correct so I believe it is a driver issue as well. I am almost positive I have the drivers in the boot image. I have also tried loading the drives to grab an ip in the f8 command prompt . Maybe I just need to keep searching for other drivers. I would try a USB NIC but do not have one around here to try. Thanks
  5. I have some new HP Pro One 600 All In One units I am trying to pxe boot to run a task sequence on. Everything is normal until it starts to configure network settings, once that pop-up goes away it reboots. When I hit f8 and run an ipconfig it does not have an IP or anything. I am pretty sure I have the right drivers for the nic but could be wrong. When checking the smsts.log I get the following four errors, in order: Failed to download pxe variable file. Code(0x00000001) PxeGetPxeData failed with 0x80004005 RegOpenKeyExW failed for Software\Microsoft\SMS\Task Sequence GetTsRegValue() failed. 0x80070002. Hopefully it is just a checkbox somewhere but have been scratching my head with this for sometime. I am currentling imaging other machines right now with the same task sequence. Thanks for the help.
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