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  1. I'm so sorry that I made a mistake in Domain OU and this was the reason. Please delete this post. Thanks
  2. Hello Admin, I get the smsts.log There's 1 error No task sequence will cause a reboot at "preparing network connections" I'm sure the task sequence does exist. And I make a successful OSD yesterday night after "Install the MDT extensions for Configuration Manager". Yes, opposite to what I did before. But today morning, problem comes again. Find something interesting in the log P0100009 is exactly the task sequence that need to run. And I made it "As soon as possible". Err...I think I found the problem. It might be the time. I'm now in Hong Kong, but the Windows time settings is US. The time differences might cause the active time of TS not start immediately. After I check the UTC box, the task sequence run. I'll keep trying to see if it is the main reason.
  3. I created a task sequence. In Apply Network Settings, choose Join a domain, specify the Domain and Domain OU, set an account which has right to join domain (Verify and Test connection pass, also can use it to manually join domain). But after OSD finish, the Win7 was still using default Workgroup. smsts.log has many error and warning. But none of them related to domain join. Did I miss something ?
  4. This problem happen in my Hyper-V lab. So, I think this is not the NIC driver problem. Yesterday, I successful made OSD work after Remove the MDT extensions for Configuration Manager. At that time, I thought MDT was the source of problem. But today, the problem comes again. Nothing has change. How come ? I have no idea
  5. Lets say I got a bare machine that has no OS installed. But I've its MAC address and add it to Device Collection. WOL also enable in Site properties. I choose Use wake-up packets only and Subnet-directed broadcasts. UDP port 9 allowed in outbound rule. With the settings above. Can I use SCCM console to wake up a bare machine ?
  6. In order too make a perfect ZTI. I did the following: 1. All client PC set to boot network first in its BIOS 2. Use pxeboot.n12 instead of the original pxeboot.com 3. Set to no need password when computers use PXE in DP properties What about after the deployment ? 1. I won't go to change the BIOS boot priority settings for each PC. That's stupid. 2. I won't change back to use the original pxeboot.com. As I still need ZTI deployment. Any idea to make the already deployed PC not to boot PXE ?
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