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  1. Did you ever find a solution to this? I am running a single SCCM server (1810) on Windows 2019. And I am experiencing the same thing. Include Microsoft surface drivers is checked, yet I am not seeing any current Surface drivers?
  2. So all of my servers and clients have been using SCCM current branch without issue for updates. I manually updated a windows 10 clients to the creators built and the latest build of Windows 2016. now all my SCCM settings seem to be getting ignored and the windows 10 creators built and latest build of Windows 2016 are all downloading/installing windows update directly from windows update. They are also rebooting whenever they feel like. I have tried using sconfig on the servers to set windows updates to manual, applied GPO to disable windows update, yet they still continue to update and reboot. What do I need to do to get the clients using my SCCM and not windows updates. All other clients/servers that don't have the latest update on them are not impacted. Thanks
  3. Seems to be working ok now I applied the 1602 Hotfix (KB3155482) and all is good.
  4. So I was running a single SCCM 2012R2 server on Windows 2008 R2. I updated from 2012R2 to Current Branch 1511, then 1602. After going to 1602 I updated the OS to Windows 2012R2 (first removing WSUS & SUP, then readding along with the hotfix) All seems good. I was able to download June's updates and deploy them to my windows 7 machines. I get the popup on my clients indication that software changes are required and all the June updates show up. I've installed them on about 5 or six computers now. Yet when I go into monitoring, none of the computers are showing as compliant. They all show in Unknown as Client check passed/Active. I've rerun the summarization and refreshed and no change. Any thoughts on why this would be happening? I'm not sure which log files I should be looking at?
  5. Strangely enough this only impacted some PC's. Others would show the same update, with Reboot Required? showing NO instead of yes....very odd... I've since suppressed reboots on workstations for my endpoint auto deployment rule. Has anyone else ever seen this??
  6. So I've had a few PC's start to reboot on their own this afternoon. Am I reading this right, is it an update for Endpoint that is causing this reboot? From WUAHandler <![LOG[1. Update (Missing): Update for System Center Endpoint Protection 2012 Client - (KB3153224) (74242881-f543-4586-8c30-68ac0d408be4, 200)]LOG]!><time="14:09:21.345+360" date="04-13-2016" component="WUAHandler" context="" type="1" thread="8756" file="cwuahandler.cpp:1483"> <![LOG[2. Update (Missing): Definition Update for Microsoft Endpoint Protection - KB2461484 (Definition 1.217.1263.0) (d15a3999-cdae-4f67-a9d2-2101c43dc90d, 200)]LOG]!><time="14:09:23.451+360" date="04-13-2016" component="WUAHandler" context="" type="1" thread="8756" file="cwuahandler.cpp:1483"> <![LOG[Async installation of updates started.]LOG]!><time="14:09:27.157+360" date="04-13-2016" component="WUAHandler" context="" type="1" thread="8756" file="cwuahandler.cpp:1844"> <![LOG[update 1 (74242881-f543-4586-8c30-68ac0d408be4) finished installing (0x00000000), Reboot Required? Yes]LOG]!><time="14:11:54.054+360" date="04-13-2016" component="WUAHandler" context="" type="1" thread="7328" file="cwuahandler.cpp:1997">
  7. We have our one and only SCCM 2012 R2 server in our datacenter. I'd like to deploy some applications, but don't want them to be loaded over the WAN. How would I go about deploying a new application from a local network share for users at site A, and using a different local network share for our users at site B? In the past I've always just deployed the software to a location at our datacenter, and its loaded over the WAN. I want to avoid this going forward.
  8. Resolved. Looks like it was my SonicWALL that was blocking the downloads. Odd that it decided to block the definition updates but was letting other updates pass...
  9. So it looks like I can't download Definition Updates for Microsoft Endpoint Protection. I had an auto deployment rule in place which has started failing since Oct 19. I can download any other updates without issue. If I try to manually download the software update I get the following error message: Failed to download content ID 16828891. Error: There was an error downloading the software update (12150) I can download other updates without issue. Any thoughts?
  10. So I am struggling with some new Gigabyte computers that won't install windows. I've got a SCCM 2012 R2 server setup and I'm trying to install Windows 7 to them. I've created 'Deploy Windows 7' Device group and added the new computers by their mac address. They start to load ok, but always fail saying 'No Task sequence, then reboot' I've done the same thing before for other non gigabyte computers and it works fine. I've looked at the smsts.log file and it seems like for some reason SCCM is thinking this computer is computer '10-PC065', which it isn't, and which doesn't have any deployments assigned to it. A snip of the log file: <![LOG[Client Identity: GUID:2F39B52D-E98B-4D02-8F57-FA8E70F08021]LOG]!><time="07:14:57.107+360" date="10-06-2015" component="TSPxe" context="" type="1" thread="1892" file="libsmsmessaging.cpp:6273"> <![LOG[Netbios name: 10-PC065]LOG]!><time="07:14:57.107+360" date="10-06-2015" component="TSPxe" context="" type="1" thread="1892" file="libsmsmessaging.cpp:6289"> <![LOG[Client GUID = GUID:2F39B52D-E98B-4D02-8F57-FA8E70F08021, Netbios name = 10-PC065, State = Known]LOG]!><time="07:14:57.107+360" date="10-06-2015" component="TSPxe" context="" type="0" thread="1892" file="tspolicy.cpp:710"> Later in the log file: ![LOG[setting wizard error: There are no task sequences available for this computer.]LOG]!><time="07:14:57.263+360" date="10-06-2015" component="TSPxe" context="" type="0" thread="708" file="tsmediawizardcontrol.cpp:1493"> So to me, I thought this was the "No Assigned Task Sequence when initiating deployments caused by duplicate SMBIOS GUIDs in System Center Configuration Manager 2007" --yes this article is for 2007 and I'm 2012 R2...but I figured it might be the same issue? Anyway, I ran the command wdsutil /set-server /bannedguidpolicy /add /GUID:2F39B52D-E98B-4D02-8F57-FA8E70F08021 This creates the registry entry here for banned guids...HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WDSServer\Providers\WDSPXE I rebooted everything just to be safe and tried to PXEBoot the trouble computer once again. I get exactly the same error message logged. Any thoughts on what I'm missing? I've tried adding the GUID manually to the registry as well, with and without dashes.. Full SMSTS.log file is attached. smsts.log
  11. So I've confirmed that this hotfix does resolve the issue on a couple of test PCs. I'll have to get this installed on all my boxes now. Thanks
  12. Hmm, I think this may be my issue! I'm going to test this out, thanks for the great response!
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