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  1. I had looked at both domains in both forests and thought that one with issues did not have the site information published at all. However, I apparently just did not have permissions to view the System container in that domain. I now see that the System Management container and the site data actually do exist in that domain and it contains out of date version info for that Site. I 'm requesting the appropriate permissions to get the site information published. Thanks, Richard
  2. Thank you. I had not seen the first two. I had seen the last one. Basically I have already confirmed that the MP record in AD has the correct version number and when I run an AD query from the affected computers, they are able to retrieve the information from AD and it contains the correct version number. I cannot find anything anywhere that has 7958 in it? I can't tell where that is coming from. But it does not appear to be coming from AD? the middle post (cannot-deploy-client-after-sp1-for-sccm-2012) seems most similar in that the AD information looks correct, installs from the same domain seem the same but from another domain fails. However their final update about the resolution makes no sense? "The account doing AD discovery of the seconrday domain/forest was not in the domain admins group." I am not sure why the AD discovery stuff would have anything to do with it? I am manually installing the client on these computers. But I will look at that some to see if I can find the link? Thanks, Richard
  3. I some some clients in a different forest and domain from the SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 servers. Prior to SP1 upgrade, the installs were working. Now it appears that client installs within the same forest and domain work. But the installs for clients in a different forest/domain fail. The ccmsetup.log contains the following information: ========================================================================== CcmSetup version: 5.0.8239.1203 Performing AD query: '(&(ObjectCategory=mSSMSManagementPoint)(mSSMSDefaultMP=TRUE)(mSSMSSiteCode=ABC))' OperationalXml '<ClientOperationalSettings><Version>5.00.7958.1000</Version>... The MP name retrieved is 'siteservername.domain.com' with version '7958' and capabilities... MP 'servername.domain.com' is compatible Retrieved 1 MP records from AD for site 'ABC' Retrived site version '5.00.7958.1000' from AD for site 'ABC' SiteCode: ABC SiteVersion: 5.00.7958.1000 Retrieved client version '5.00.8239.1006' and minimum assignable site version '5.00.8200.1000' from manifest Checking compatibility of site version '5.00.7958.1000', expect newer than '5.00.8200.1000' Client version '5.00.8239.1006' is not compatible with the site 'ABC' version '5.00.7958.1000 ========================================================================== The ccmsetup.exe is 5.0.8239.1203 The console and site version are 5.00.8239.1000 Site's build number is 8239 When I query AD from the client computer with the issue for the mSSMSManagementPoint information for mSSMSSiteCode ABC it returns: mssmsmpname = siteservername.domain.com mssmsversion = 8239 mssmscapabilities.ClientOperationalSettings.Version = 5.00.8239.1203 ========================================================================== The other forest/domain do not appear to have any of the Systems Management stuff published in them and everything I can find from the management point itself, from AD, from the client, from everything, says 8239 but yet somehow from systems in this other forest/domain, it keeps on finding this reference to 7958? I cannot figure out where it is getting this to know where to remove or update it. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Richard
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