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  1. Hi. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I have been having a problem with our new ConfigMgr environment for the past few days and i'm starting to run out of ideas. We successfully deployed a new Windows 7 image to all of our client pc's and now we have to deploy quite a few different applications to the different departments in our organization. However, after creating the deployments, the applications show up in software center with the status "Past due, will be installed". When a user clicks the install button, all software installs fine. But I can't get installations to start automatically. These are required deployments, with a deadline time of "as soon as possible" and an available time in the past, so they should start right away. The computers seem to be in a boundary, with at least one distribution point associated to it. And the software is available on the DP. I also enabled the option to allow software installation to be performed outside maintenance windows. So even if there is no maintenance window, the applications should install. But it seems the deployments are waiting for something. I've looked through a lot of client logs and in the deployment monitoring tool, but can't really find much out of the ordinary. But i'm no expert and maybe i'm looking at the wrong things. If I recreate a deployment, sometimes applications start to install, but mostly the situations stays the same. I also tried to define a 24hr service window on the collection, just to be sure. (ConfigMgr version is 5.00.7958.1000) Can you give me some advice on where to look for a solution?
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