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  1. Hi again, If I install and configure the SCCM 2012 beta 2 now, can I make an update from that to the SCCM 2012 final version, when the final version is released? Thanks
  2. Hi, Yes I know but I didn't mean the beta version. I mean the final version 2012. Regards
  3. Hi There, Does anyone knows when will System Center Configuration Machine Manager 2012 be released? Regards Nick
  4. Hi, Thank you for replay. We have at the time a range of until subnet mask have not enough IP now and I want to to increase my hosts to 1024. I think you are right that it is better that I create one scope and without relay agent. If you have any better idea, feel free and write me again Regards Nick
  5. Hi again, Thanks for replay. I am not sure that I dont need a DHCP relay agent. I can remember that MS has recommed me to do it. Here is the message from Microsoft: ################### Yes, we need to create 4 DHCP scopes, one for each subnet. To do so, we also need to configure DHCP relay agents for each subnet. Generally speaking, there are two ways to configure DHCP relay agents .First, to configure routers act as a configure DHCP relay agents. In most cases, routers support DHCP relay. If your routers do not, contact your router manufacturer or supplier to find out if a software or firmware upgrade is available to support this feature.Second, we can configure a computer running Windows ServerĀ® 2008 to act as a relay agent by installing the DHCP Relay Agent service. ######################################## What do you mean about this resulotion? Regards
  6. Hi Anyweb, I have the same issue. I have installed the agent with domain adminstrator account.I have a domain and my scom is joined this domain and my other Computer joined the domain too. I did try to install the agent on all my computer with domain administrator account and I did not get any error during installing agent the install was successfull. What do you mean with local admin rights? Which MPs should I install for that? Kind Regards Nick
  7. Hi Sabe75, Thank you very much for your replay.Now I can understand you what you mean.Are you sure if I create a scope of that particular IP-Range is included? I mean if I create a scope with for example: until /22, would I have 1022 hosts? Have I to create a DHCP Relay Agent too or not? I think yes Kind Regards Nick
  8. Hi, Thank you for your answer. But I dont understand you. I should create a single scope with until subnet mask And what is happening withe othe range and and I need 1024 hosts. Your descrition I only will have 254 hosts Regards Nick
  9. I want to put a new DHCP Server with IP and subnet mask that would give me following IP-Range - - - - My question is: Have I to define 4 Scopes? If yes which Subnet mask should I use for each scope? I did try to put 4 scopes but it does not work. My first scope is called until with subnet mask But if want to define the secound scope with until with subnet mask, I get a error message: " the address range and mask conflict with an existing scope". Does it correct step? Or do I make a mistake Thanks for help Nick
  10. Hi Paul, Thank you for your replay. Which GPO do you mean? Do you mean GPO of my Domain/Domain Comtroller? Or GPO of my SCOM Computer? I think you mean the GPO of all my Computer which is installing SCOM Agent. Am I right? Thanks Nick
  11. Hi There, I have the same issue. Could you tell me please how and where do you adding the action account to the GPO? Regards Nick
  12. ok thanks for reply. I will try it and let you know regards
  13. Ok I uderstand it, I still will do it again all steps. But my problem is how to find or create a "install.wim"? I want to deploy XP and not Vista. This "install.wim" is on your guide for Vista or?
  14. thank you for reply. Yes I do follow step by step your guide for deploy XP and I imported the computer ind sccm with MAC-Address. But it happend nothing and PXE does not startet and I cannot see any PXE boot Client. by this point: Create distribution point and then update it complete the following Step (step 4) I follow this step until Add New operating system image. I cannot add here a install.wim? where is my problem? regards
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