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  1. I have a unique situation where I need to upgrade some SP3 devices from 8.1 Pro (stock install) to Windows 10 Pro. I have a two part question. First I have tried and failed to get the .esd file converted to a .wim to create a Windows 8.1 Pro deployment in Deployment Workbench; so where can I get a Surface Pro 3 or Windows 8.1 Pro wim legitimately. Secondly, Can I run two deployments in one task sequence, one being a Windows 8.1 clean Surface Pro 3 deployment and the second being a 10 Pro upgrade (after the 8.1 install has been activated). The main issue is we have a large amount of devices to upgrade and manually performing the installations (or essentially two on each device) takes a large amount of time and I'm trying to find a better way to do this. Any ideas or thoughts would be great.
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