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  1. Hi There, please advise. My WSUS (W2012R2, also DP) is a separate server from SCCM 2012 r2 sp1 (W2012R2, site). Proxy set on both server at local system and current login account, not issue surfing web. SCUP no issue getting catalog and publishing but error when trying to download. How do I manual download and place where to test? Please see attached. Thanks.
  2. Hi There, I have setup our SCCM server and been troubleshooting these error (pls see attached) for a week. Anyone encounter these errors in red? We tried all the Googled information but no luck. Is it something in secpol? We had SCCM installed on W2012R2 and SQL2012R2 on separate W2012R2 server. Workstations are Windows 7 SP1 64bit, installation went through but WMI does not seem to be working. I ran the wbemtest.exe from SCCM server to the alim061 workstation and no error? the account used to push the client is within a group (AD SCCMadmins group ) in the workstat
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